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Parts Location Parts Location
IC850 I-4 Q850 I-5 TP0190 F-5 TP4505 D-4 TP5607 B-1 IC1100 F-4 Q2027 E-5 TP4840 B-1
IC1102 C-5 Q1100 C-4 TP0191 G-2 TP4506 D-4 TP5608 C-1 IC1101 F-4 Q2032 G-5 TP9011 B-1
IC2008 C-4 Q2001 C-5 TP0192 F-5 TP4507 E-3 TP5660 F-4 IC1103 G-4 Q3000 F-2 TP9311 B-2
IC2106 B-3 Q2002 C-5 TP0193 F-5 TP4508 D-4 TP5700 E-5 IC2010 G-4 Q3001 E-2 TP9312 B-2
IC2109 A-5 Q2022 B-4 TP0194 F-5 TP4512 E-4 TP5701 I-2 IC2012 G-4 Q3002 G-3
IC2110 A-5 Q2028 I-2 TP1042 G-4 TP4513 E-3 TP5702 H-2 IC2013 F-3 Q3003 G-3
IC2401 I-2 Q2029 I-2 TP1043 G-4 TP4514 E-3 TP5705 B-4 IC2107 G-4 Q3004 G-3
IC2403 E-5 Q2030 A-5 TP1102 D-4 TP4515 E-2 TP5706 E-5 IC2108 G-5 Q3005 G-3
IC3001 D-2 Q2033 F-5 TP1103 D-4 TP4516 E-2 TP8037 F-4 IC2301 H-4 Q3009 G-3
IC4500 D-4 Q4500 D-4 TP1104 D-5 TP4800 F-3 TP8301 B-5 IC4510 E-4 Q3010 G-3
IC4501 D-5 Q4501 D-4 TP1105 D-5 TP4801 F-3 TP8401 H-5 IC4514 F-3 Q4514 D-3
IC4511 E-4 Q4502 D-4 TP1107 D-5 TP4802 F-3 TP8402 H-5 IC4515 F-3 Q4515 D-3
IC4512 E-5 Q4503 E-3 TP2008 B-4 TP4803 F-3 TP8403 H-5 IC4518 F-2 Q4516 D-4
IC4513 E-4 Q4504 D-4 TP2009 B-4 TP4804 F-3 TP8404 H-5 IC4800 C-1 Q4517 E-3
IC4516 E-4 Q4505 D-4 TP2010 A-4 TP4805 F-3 TP8501 F-4 IC5660 E-4 Q4520 E-3
IC4517 D-4 Q4518 D-4 TP2012 A-4 TP4806 F-3 TP8745 F-6 IC8001 D-4 Q4522 E-2
IC4811 H-2 Q4519 E-3 TP2014 A-4 TP4807 F-3 TP8801 H-1 IC8002 D-3 Q4523 E-2
IC5400 D-5 Q4521 E-3 TP2017 A-4 TP4808 F-3 TP8802 H-1 IC8003 C-4 Q4811 B-2
IC5401 E-5 Q4524 E-3 TP2030 B-5 TP4809 F-3 TP8803 H-1 IC8403 B-5 Q5522 E-4
IC5600 H-4 Q4525 E-3 TP2031 C-5 TP4810 F-3 TP8804 H-1 IC8554 D-4 Q5600 B-4
IC5601 H-4 Q4526 D-3 TP2032 C-5 TP4811 F-3 TP8805 H-1 IC8601 F-4 Q5601 B-4
IC8004 F-4 Q4527 D-3 TP3000 D-1 TP4821 H-2 TP8806 H-1 IC9003 C-3 Q5602 B-4
IC8301 B-5 Q8852 E-5 TP3001 C-1 TP4822 H-2 TP8807 H-1 IC9303 E-2 Q5606 B-3
IC8302 B-5 Q8853 E-5 TP3002 D-1 TP4825 H-2 TP8808 H-1 IC9500 B-3 Q5607 B-3
IC8401 H-5 Q9010 H-3 TP3003 C-1 TP4826 H-2 TP8851 F-4 IC9802 B-3 Q8401 B-5
IC8404 I-5 Q9057 H-3 TP3004 D-3 TP4827 H-2 TP9000 G-3 IC9803 B-3 Q8402 B-5
IC8405 H-5 Q9058 H-3 TP3005 D-3 TP4828 H-2 TP9010 G-1 IC9900 D-2 Q8801 C-1
IC8408 H-5 Q9301 G-1 TP3006 D-3 TP4829 H-2 IC9901 C-3 Q8802 C-1
IC8409 H-5 Q9302 G-1 TP3007 D-3 TP4830 H-2 TPC0F D-6 Q8850 D-5
IC9001 G-3 Q9805 G-2 TP3008 E-4 TP4831 H-2 TPEC0 C-6 Q8851 E-5
IC9002 F-6 Q9806 G-2 TP3009 E-4 TP4832 H-1 TPS0N C-6 Q9044 B-3
IC9011 H-3 TP3013 D-2 TP4835 I-2 TPS0S D-5 Q9046 B-3
IC9013 E-3 TP3014 B-3 TP4836 H-2 TPS15V D-6 Q9807 C-2
IC9805 G-2 TP3015 C-3 TP4837 H-2 Q9808 C-2
IC9806 G-2 TP3017 D-1 TP5400 D-6 Q9809 C-2
TP3018 D-1 TP5500 E-6
TP3019 D-1 TP5510 E-6
TP3020 C-1 TP5600 H-4
TP3021 D-3 TP5601 H-4
TP4500 D-3 TP5602 H-4
TP4501 E-3 TP5603 B-1
TP4502 D-3 TP5604 B-1
TP4503 E-3 TP5605 B-1

TH-37/42PV8P, PX8B/E TH-37/42PV8P, PX8B/E