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Global Customer Services Policy
Issue 1.0 15th Dec 1998

Motorola Inc. Cellular Subscriber Sector European Cellular Subscriber Group Easter Inch, Bathgate West Lothian EH48 2EH, Scotland

MOTOROLA CONFIDENTIAL PROPRIETARY This document and the information contained is CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION of Motorola and shall not be used, published, disclosed, or disseminated outside of Motorola in whole or in part without Motorola's written consent. This document contains trade secrets of Motorola. Reverse engineering of any or all of the information in this document is prohibited.

Copyright 1998, Motorola Inc.

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PURPOSE This document specifies the Customer Service requirements to provide after sales support for the Kramer Product Series.

CONTENT 1.0 2.0 3.0 Service Policy Service Requirements Quality Reporting and metrics

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SECTION 1.0 - SERVICE POLICY 1.1 Warranty: Product will be sold with the standard 12 months warranty terms and conditions. Accidental damage misuse, retailers extended warranties will not be supported under warranty. Non warranty repairs will be available at agreed fixed repair prices. Proof of purchase will be required to validate warranty claims. 1.2 Out Of Box Failure Policy: The standard OOB Failure criteria will apply. Early life customer units which fail within less than 30 minutes as measured by the Life Time Call Timer, to be returned to Manufacturing for root cause analysis, to guard against epidemic criteria. Manufacturing to bear the costs of early life failure. 1.3 Product Support: Customer's original telephones will be repaired but not refurbished as standard. The first 100 consecutive failed products returned to Motorola will be returned for root cause analysis directly to the core engineering group in Libertyville. These fails will include both out of box and field failures, and units sent should include all accessories. These shipments will be co-ordinated through the service support team. The next 200 consecutive failures will be returned directly to the nearest Motorola Hi-tech centre for root cause analysis. The results of this analysis will be fed back to the core engineering group. The results of both exercises will be documented and distributed in procedure format to all relevant repair points. When new manufacturing sites are brought on-line, after prime site ship acceptance, the first 200 consecutive field failures from that factory will be returned to the nearest hi-tech centre for root cause analysis. The data generated from this exercise will be fed back to the site of manufacturing and the results will be documented and distributed in procedure format. The initial 300 returns will be swapped for complete kits, and all returned units must be accompanied by their respective accessories pack. The country customer service manager is responsible for ensuring that the necessary materials are available upon customer demand. For the first 3 to 6 months in the field, only Motorola Hi-Tech Centres will perform all repairs in order to give accurate and detailed feedback to engineering. Only limited component repairs can be carried out on Kramer due to the new board technology used. If the suspected faulty component cannot be safely replaced using a soldering iron, then the relevant assembly should be scrapped. No heat gun or BGA Repair Tool should be used on Kramer due to the type of PCB used and the bonding agent used on some BGA components. In some instances further samples will be required by engineering for analysis either by the core team or the hi-tech centre.

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1.4 Customer Support: Customer support (End user) will be available through dedicated Call Centres and In Country Help desks.

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SECTION 2.0 - SERVICE REQUIREMENTS 2.1 Training and Documentation

Level 1 Service will be replace for new & Level 2 Service will include the repair of main mechanical parts only. Documentation Available: * User Manual * Accessories Manual * Level 1 and 2 Service Manual * Level 1 and 2 Parts List

Training: Training will be carried out if necessary, by local training representative.

Level 3 Service will consist of repair of all main mechanical parts and also top 30-40 electrical parts, by external Motorola Authorised Repair Centres only. Documentation Available: * Level 3 Block Diagrams and Signal Flows * Repair Flow Chart * Training Slides * Level 3 Limited Parts List * Full Board Overlays Training Level 4 training will be given to all Regional Technical Trainers who will in turn provide training for all Level 3 hubs in their regions.
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Level 4 Service will consist of repair of all fails including those not repairable by Level 3 Centres. This will be done in Motorola Hi-Tech Centres only. Documentation Available: * Full Schematics * Product Description * Interface Document * Level 4 full parts list Training Level 4 training will be given to all hi-tech analysers due to be working on the product in its initial 6 months in the field. 2.2 Test Equipment and Tools: Service Tools, test equipment and software updates will be recommended for Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Servicing.

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3.1 Field Return Rate: The 1998 Projected Field Return Rates = TBA (Based on Engineering ALT Results) 3.2 Field product performance to be monitored using EPPRS system. Monthly repair data can then be provided to Engineering which includes: * % field return rate, * paynter chart (failure by month of manufacture) * Repair Analysis * Component Analysis (Top 10 Component failures) 3.3 Field Returns Improvement Plan: 68% year on year (Q4-Q4) reduction in the Service Bounce Rate.

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