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V.small V.light V.desirable ... and now V.colours

Introducing the Motorola V.3688 in two new colours

Express Yourself
• Now exists in three distinctive and unique colours: - Black - Radar Blue - Titanium • 1999 Motorola Quantitative Research showed the new colours to be: - Classy - Smart - Bright - Eye-catching - Modern

The Story So Far
• V. series launched in March 1999 in EMEA as the smallest and lightest GSM Dual-band phone in the world Black colour well received by consumers Launched with heavyweight panEMEA advertising Supported by dedicated PR and promotional material Distributed in all mainstream outlets

• • • •

The Brand Promise
• Show your world that you’ve made it

The Brand Character
– Stylish – Outgoing – Trend-setting

Target Consumer
• • • Those who seek products that will help them feel important within their group Those who like to have fun by keeping in touch with their friends These consumers choose products with badge value to convey an image of success Men and women between the ages of 18-34 Those who are more willing to pay for products they value They like to be noticed using a distinctive communications device

• • •

Key Benefits
• Functional – One of the smallest and lightest phones in the world – Ease of use, portability – External badge Emotional – “Look at Me”: Tells everyone that I have style – Colour for colourful me – I’m modern, elegant, youthful and fun – Self fulfilment and self expression

Product Features
• • • • • • • Amazingly small and colourful SMS (Short Message Service) capable VibraCall™ alert Optimax™ full graphics Hands-free headset accessory New mini Rae charger Increased talktime and standby time due to new 600 mAh LiIon battery as standard

Quick Reference Guide
Basic Operation Quick Access Interface

Store to Phone book

Quick Reference Guide
Memory Dialling

Quick Reference Guide Special Features
Control • Customisable Quick Access Menu - Place nine of your most frequently used features in your own personal menu so that they can be accessed with just two key presses. Icons make each feature easy to identify. Power • Superb battery performance Each phone is capable of several hours conversation or several days standby, but is still small and light. Use both 900 and 1800 MHz bands for greater call success and allow wider roaming opportunities.

Quick Reference Guide Special Features
Discretion • VibraCall™ - In locations where you don’t want your phone to ring, or which are too noisy to hear your phone ring, your phone can vibrate to alert you of a call. • Wearable Holster - Wear your phone in a stylish holster on your belt. It is small enough and light enough to keep with you almost anyway. Stop Call Alert - Press either volume buttons when the phone is ringing or vibrating. This will stop the alert but not answer the phone.

Quick Reference Guide Special Features
Personality™ • Unique to Motorola. Personality ™ allows you to personalise the way you use your phone - for example, different ringer tones, a phone book and network selection preferences - all presented with clarity and simplicity, identifiable with an symbol.

Chargers In-car Accessories Hands-free Accessories Carry Solutions Car Kits Smart Handset Data Solutions

In-car Phone Charger CLA9000 Portable Hands-free Kit HSK9000 Smart Leather Case Black CCA9060 Tan CCA9061 Leather Pouch Black CCA9050 Tan CCA9051 Plastic Holster CCA9150

Mini Travel Charger with Euro Plug CHA9050 With UK Plug CHA9060 Mini Desktop Charger Base CHA9250

Professional DSP VR Hands-free Car Kit HFK9450A

Smart Handset for DSP Car Kit HSK9380

Smart CELLect™ PCC9050 56k Global Modem PC Card PCC9560

New Packaging

After Sales Service
• General consumer helplines for pre & post sales enquiries (same No. as cellular & paging) 12 months warranty Helpline for advice on service policy

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An Integrated Pan EMEA Advertising, PR and POS Campaign
• • 30 second TV Commercial available to all markets from September New Print campaign featuring designs from Mathew Williamson (leading fashion designer) from October Specific market media (e.g. Use of buses during London Fashion week) Market specific PR activity focusing on driving awareness of new colours in a stylish and fashionable way Eye-catching POS and merchandising materials based on the print creative

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Summary - Launch Plan
• • Launch of 2 new colours New logo and graphic that builds on style and brand character of stylish, outgoing and trend setting New TV and Print campaign supported by heavyweight PR, POS and merchandising Product in market 30 September TV Commercial on air from September Print Campaign from October

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V.small V.light V.desirable V.colours