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HP DesignJet 430, 450C and 455CA Printers


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The lights on the front panel provide the means for your day to day communication" with the printer. They tell you the printer's current status and, if there is an error, the nature of the error. In order to understand the meaning of each combination of lights, you should check the table in this chapter to help you to understand the meaning. You will therefore find this table useful in troubleshooting.
Key to table starting below This graphic ... means ... The fifteen lights on the printer's front panel. The sequence of explanations in the table is:
1: Status group 3: Print quality group 4: Media type group 2: Error group 5: Media source group

This light is ON and STEADY. This light is ON and FLASHING. This light is OFF or this is the relevant light. The state of this light is not relevant.

Lights No lights All lights off

Explanation and Action If no lights are on, you may have a power problem, or the printer may be switched off.


HP DesignJet 430, 450C and 455CA Printers

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Lights Status group
READY light off

Explanation and Action The printer is not ready to print.

Check the state of the other lights and look them up in this table.


The printer is ready to print.

Send your print from your computer or, for a special internal print, press the appropriate key combination.



The printer is busy with a task or is receiving a file. Wait. If combined with one of the four media type group lights flashing. The printer is waiting for the media to dry. This can be terminated by pressing Form Feed. You are loading media and need to realign it, even if it seems perfectly aligned.


Lower the media lever, realign the media, and raise the media lever.
The printer is ready, but you need to load media.

When you are ready to print, load media.

The printer has a file in memory, which it is waiting to print, but no media is loaded.

Load media.

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HP DesignJet 430, 450C and 455CA Printers



Explanation and Action Either: one of the color or black print cartridges is faulty, misplaced or missing. Reseat or replace the cartridge. Or: you have loaded a print cartridge of the wrong type for this printer. For the correct part numbers of the cartridges supported by this printer, see Chapter 7.

Error Group

Either: the current print is too large for the printer's memory. Look on your computer screen for any error message: some drivers, for example the Microsoft Windows driver supplied with your printer, allow you to choose a different printing mode and try to send the file again. In the case of the Microsoft Windows 95 driver shipped with the printer, the relevant field is called "Process document" in the Options dialog box.

Otherwise, you may need to install more memory to print this print. For information on available memory expansion modules, see Chapter 7.
Or: there is a problem with the serial interface. The printer's settings for baud rate and parity must be the same as those of the computer sending the data. Either: the sheet you loaded is misaligned. Realign it again. See the Users Guide for a short tutorial on loading media. Or: it is an invalid size. For supported media sizes, refer to the Users Guide. Or: the media lever is lowered. Raise the lever. Or: the cover is open when the printer is initializing. Lower the cover.



HP DesignJet 430, 450C and 455CA Printers

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