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T1150-3 STOP T1150-5 STOP T1150-6 STOP T1150-7 STOP Q1150-G STOP
1.6Vp-p (5msec.div.) 330Vp-p (5usec.div.) 340Vp-p (5usec.div.) 18Vp-p (10usec.div.) 15Vp-p (5usec.div.)

Q1200-1,2 STOP IC6001-13 PAUSE IC6001-18 REC IC6001-19 REC IC6001-48 REC
0.5Vp-p (5usec.div.) 5.0Vp-p (10msec.div.) 5.0Vp-p (10msec.div.) 5.0Vp-p (10msec.div.) 5.0Vp-p (10msec.div.)

IC6001-52 REC IC6001-68,69 REC IC6001-70 REC IC6001-71 REC IC6001-72 REC
2.1Vp-p (20