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Ref. No.: DVD-P-02-002
DVD-Player Quick Service Manual Date: November, 2002
DVD-RV32EG/EE/EB/E Frequence Cases reported ( country )
Combi Model: NV-VD1B/EC/EE/F

Subject: Display indicating error code

Symptom: After the unit is switched on and after
message the unit indicates on the display.

Cause: No communication between Front Micro Computer and Main Micro Computer.
In this case the error code is generated.

possible reason: - IC 3080 / IC 37001 ( FlashROM ) bad soldering
- IC 3080 / IC 37001 ( FlashROM ) Software hang up
- IC 3001 / IC 37004 ( AV-Decoder ) bad soldering

Remedy: DVD-RV32 NV-VHD1
1. IC 3080 resolder IC 37001 resolder
2. IC 3001 resolder IC 37004 resolder
3. software update to actual version software update to actual version
4. IC 3080 change IC 37001 change
5. Decoder-PCB REPD0003A change AV Decoder-PCB VEP03G15A change

Action on production:

DVD-RV32: Decoder PCB REPD0003A-3 with beginning of Index -3
NV-VHD1 : AV Decoder PCB VEP03G15A of Index -1
Introduction of FR 4 base material for decoder raw PCB.

Description in Service Manual VRD0206025C2 for NV-VHD1B/EC/EE/F

F489 is wrong correct F498