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WF No. IC514-12 (PLAY) WF No. IC514-13 (PLAY) WF No. IC514-15 (PLAY) WF No. IC701-2,3,5 (PLAY)

1.3Vp-p(20usec/div) 2.2Vp-p(20usec/div) 2.1Vp-p(20usec/div) 160Vp-p(5msec/div)

WF No. IC702-1,2,3 (PLAY) WF No. IC725-1,3,4,5,6,7 (PLAY) WF No. IC800-5 (PLAY) WF No. IC3201-37 (PLAY)

180Vp-p(5msec/div) 180Vp-p(5msec/div) 1.5Vp-p(2usec/div) 0.7Vp-p(20usec/div)

WF No. IC3201-38 (PLAY) WF No. IC3201-39 (PLAY) WF No. IC3201-42 (PLAY) WF No. IC3201-43,44 (PLAY)

0.7Vp-p(20usec/div) 1.1Vp-p(20usec/div) 0.6Vp-p(20usec/div) 1.1Vp-p(20usec/div)

WF No. IC3251-4 (PLAY) WF No. IC3251-14 (PLAY) WF No. IC3251-15 (PLAY) WF No. IC3252-4 (PLAY)

0.9Vp-p(20usec/div) 0.7Vp-p(20usec/div) 1.1Vp-p(20usec/div) 1.1Vp-p(20usec/div)

WF No. IC3252-14 (PLAY) WF No. IC3901-14,16,18,20, 22, WF No. IC3901-35 (PLAY) WF No. IC3901-38 (PLAY)
24,36,37,90 (PLAY)

0.6Vp-p(20usec/div) 0.2Vp-p(5usec/div) 4.8Vp-p(500nsec/div) 4Vp-p(500nsec/div)

WF No. IC3901-43 (PLAY) WF No. IC3901-45 (PLAY) WF No. IC3901-87,88,89 (PLAY) WF No. IC3901-92,93,94 (PLAY)

3.6Vp-p(500nsec/div) 3.6Vp-p(100nsec/div) 7.2Vp-p(5usec/div) 7.2Vp-p(5usec/div)