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Safety test requirements 105B2 CM23 GSIII 81
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All units that are returned for service or repair must pass the 3. Equipments and Connection
original manufactures safety tests. Safety testing requires both
Hipot and Ground Continuity testing. 3.1. Equipments
For example :
- ChenHwa 510B Digital Grounding Continuity Tester
1. Application requirements - ChenHwa 901 (AC Hi-pot test), 902 (AC, DC Hi-pot test)
Withstanding Tester
1.1 All mains operated products must pass the Hi-Pot test as
described in this instruction. 3.2. Connection
* Turn on the power switch of monitor before Hipot and
1.2 This test must be performed again after the covers have Ground Continuity testing.
been refitted following the repair, inspection or modification
of the product.

2. Test method

2.1 Connecting conditions

2.1.1 The test specified must be applied between the parallel-
blade plug of the mainscord and all accessible metal Clip
parts of the product.

2.1.2 Before carrying out the test, reliable conductive
connections must be ensured and thereafter be
maintained throughout the test period.

2.1.3 The mains switch(es) must be in the "ON" position.

2.2 Test Requirements

All products should be HiPot and Ground Continuity tested as
follows: (ChenHwa 9032 tester)
Condition HiPot Test for HiPot Test for Ground Continuity Video cable
products where products where Test requirement
the mains input the mains input is
range is Full 110V AC(USA
range(or 220V type)
AC) Connect the "video cable"
or "grounding screw"
Test 2820VDC 1700VDC Test current: to the CLIP on your tester.
voltage (2000VAC) (1200VAC) 25A,AC
Test time:
Test time 3 seconds 1 second 3 seconds(min.)
(min.) Resistance
Grounding screw
Trip set at 100 uA 5 mA <=0.09+R ohm,
current for Max. R is the
(Tester) limitation; set resistance of
at 0.1 uA for the mains cord.
Min. limitation

Ramp set at 2 Connect the power cord
time seconds to the monitor.

2.2.1 The minimum test duration for Quality Control Inspector
must be 1 minute.

2.2.2 The test voltage must be maintained within the specified Power outlet
voltage + 5%.
(Rear view of monitor)
2.2.3 There must be no breakdown during the test. 4. Recording
2.2.4 The grounding blade or pin of mains plug must be
Hipot and Ground Continuity testing records have to be kept for
conducted with accessible metal parts.
a period of 10 years.

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