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16 105S2 CM23 GSIII DDC Instructions
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1. General 3. Pin assignment
DDC Data Re-programming
A. 15-pin D-Sub Connector
In case the main EEPROM with Software DDC which store all factory
settings were replaced because a defect,repaired monitor the serial
numbers have to be re-programmed.

It is advised to re-soldered the main EEPROM from the old board onto
The 15-pin D-sub connector (male) of the signal cable
the new board if circuit board have been replaced, in this case the DDC on the 3rd row for DDC feature :
data does not need to be re-programmed.

Additional information

Additional information about DDC (Display Data Channel) may be
obtained from Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).
Extended Display Identification Data(EDID) information may be also 1 5
obtained from VESA. 6 10
11 15
DDC EDID structure
For the monitor : Standard Version 3.0
Structure Version 1.2

2. System and equipment requirements
1. An i486 (or above) personal computer or compatible.
2. Microsoft operation system Windows 95/98. Assignment Pin No. Assignment
Pin No.
3. EDID301.EXE program (3138 106 10103) shown as Fig. 1
4. Software DDC Alignment kits (4822 310 11184) shown as Fig. 2. 1 Red video input 9 No pin
The kit contents: a. Alignment box x1 2 Green video input 10 Logic ground
b. Printer cable x1 Blue video input Identification output -
3 11
c. D-Sub cable x1 Connected to pin 10
4 Identification output -
Connected to pin 10 12 Serial data line(SDA)
Note: The EDID301.EXE (Release Version 1.55,)is a windows-
based program, which cannot be run in MS-DOS. 5 Ground 13 H.Sync
6 Red video ground 14 V.Sync(VCLK for DDC)
7 Green video ground 15 Data clock line(SCL)
8 Blue video ground


Figure 1 Diskette with EDID301.EXE

Fig. 2 Alignment Kits

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4. Configuration and procedure
Following descirptions are the connection and procedure for Software Rear view of the monitor
DDC, the main EEPROM can be re-programmed with Software DDC
by enabling "factory memory data write" function on the DDC program PC

To printer port (LTP1)
Initialize alignment box
DC Power

To video card
In order to avoid that monitor entering power saving mode due to
8~12 V
sync will cut off by alignment box, it is necessary to initialize
alignment box before running programming software
(EDID301.EXE). Following steps show you the procedures and Video cable
connection. To
Step 1: Supply 8~12V DC power source to the Alignment box by Port

plugging a DC power cord or using batteries. To PC

Step 2: Connecting printer cable and video cable of monitor as Fig. A
Step 3: Run the EDID301.EXE program until the main menu appears.
This is for initialize alignment box.
Step 4: Press and button when turn on the monitor, to enter factory
5. DDC re-programming instructions
Rear view of the monitor Start on DDC program

Start Microsoft Windows.
1. Insert the disk containing EDID301.EXE program into floppy disk
2. Click , choose Run at start menu of Windows 95/98.

Video cable
To printer port (LTP1)

DC Power
To video card

8~12 V

3. At the submenu, type the letter of your computer's floppy disk drive
followed by :EDID301 (for example, A:\EDID301, as shown in Fig. 2).

Fig. A

Re-programming Software DDC