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4 107P2 CM25 GSIII Installation
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Front View On-Screen Display
Description of the On-Screen Display The OSD
Tree The OSD Controls

Description of the On Screen Display
What is the On-Screen Display?
This is a feature in all Philips monitors which allows an
end-user to adjust screen performance of monitors
directly though an on-screen instruction window. The user
interface provides user-friendliness and ease-of-use
when operating the monitor.

Basic and simple instruction on the control keys.
On the front controls of your monitor, once you press the
button, the On Screen Display (OSD) Main Controls
Power button switches your monitor on. window will pop up and you can now start making
OK button which when pressed will take you to the OSD adjustments to your monitor's various features. Use the
Contrast hotkey. When the UP arrow is pressed, the
or the keys to make your adjustments within.
adjustment controls for the CONTRAST will show up.
UP and DOWN buttons are used when adjusting the OSD of
your monitor
Brightness hotkey. When both the LEFT and RIGHT arrows
are pressed at the same time, then the adjustment controls for
BRIGHTNESS will show up.
LEFT and RIGHT buttons, like the UP and DOWN buttons, are
also used in adjusting the OSD of your monitor.

Rear View

The OSD Tree

Below is an overall view of the structure of the On-Screen
Display. You can use this as reference when you want to
later on work your way around the different adjustments.

1. Power in - attach power cable here.
2. Video In - this is a cable which is already attached to your monitor.
Connect the other end of the cable to your PC.

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