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4 109P2 GS3 CM25 Front View and Back View
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Front View
Front View

Power button switches your monitor on.

OK button which when pressed will take you to
the OSD controls
Contrast hotkey. When the UP arrow is pressed,
the adjustment controls for the CONTRAST will
1. D-Sub Port - Attach the D-Sub connector that comes with your
show up.
monitor here. Other end connects to your PC.
UP and DOWN buttons are used when adjusting
the OSD of your monitor 2. Power in - Attach power cable here.
Brightness hotkey. When both the LEFT and
RIGHT arrows are pressed at the same time, 3. USB Port - Attach your USB Upstream cable here. Connect the
then the adjustment controls for BRIGHTNESS other end to your USB hub or your PC's USB connector.
will show up.
LEFT and RIGHT buttons, like the UP and 4. BNC Connectors - Attach the connectors here to get the best video
DOWN buttons, are also used in adjusting the performance from your monitor
OSD of your monitor.
By pressing both the UP and OK buttons, you
can easily access the Input Signals A and/or B.

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