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Manual Print Revision
Number Date Date Title
=========== ======== ======== ======================================================================================================
07261-90010 Jul-1976 RTE Driver DVR15 for HP 7261A Mark Sense Card Reader Programming and Operating Manual
09580-93027 Aug-1981 Dec-1983 RTE Driver DVM72 RTE Universal Interface Driver Programming and Operating Manual
09600-93010 Jun-1978 RTE Driver DVR11 for HP 2892A Card Reader Programming and Operating Manual
12560-90023 Oct-1975 DVR10 DOS and RTE Calcomp Plotter Driver
12732-90001 Oct-1979 RTE Driver DVR33 for HP 12732A/HP 12733A Disc Drives Programming Manual
17210-90004 Dec-1977 DOS/RTE Driver DVR10 for HP 7210A Digital Plotter Technical Description
24998-90001 Oct-1981 DOS/RTE Relocatable Library Reference Manual
29029-95001 Oct-1981 RTE Driver DVR00 for Multiple-Device System Control Programming and Operating Manual
59310-90063 Jul-1981 RTE Driver DVR37 for HP 59310B Interface Bus Programming and Operating Manual
91200-90005 Nov-1979 RTE Driver DVA13 (for HP 91200B) Programming and Operating Manual
92001-90010 Oct-1980 RTE Line Printer Driver (DVA12) Reference Manual
92001-90015 Oct-1983 RTE Drivers DVR05/DVA05 for HP 263X/264X Terminals
92062-90003 Feb-1980 2631A/2635A Printer Utility Subroutine Reference Manual
92062-90004 Dec-1983 2608A Line Printer Driver DVB12
92068-90002 Jan-1983 Dec-1983 RTE-IVB Terminal User's Reference Manual
92068-90003 Jul-1980 RTE-IVB Quick Reference Guide
92068-90003 Jul-1981 RTE-IVB Quick Reference Guide
92068-90003 Jan-1983 RTE-IVB Quick Reference Guide
92068-90004 Oct-1981 Dec-1983 RTE-IVB Programmer's Reference Manual
92068-90005 Apr-1981 Jul-1982 RTE-IVB Batch and Spooling Reference Manual
92068-90006 Oct-1981 Jan-1983 RTE-IVB System Manager's Manual
92068-90007 Jan-1981 RTE-IVB On-Line Generator Reference Manual
92068-90010 Jul-1981 Dec-1983 RTE-IVB Utility Programs Reference Manual
92068-90012 Apr-1980 RTE-IVB Drivers DVR32 and DVA32 Reference Manual
92068-90012 Oct-1984 RTE-IVB Drivers DVR32 and DVA32 Reference Manual
92068-90013 Jan-1980 RTE-IVB Technical Specifications Reference Manual
92068-90015 Jul-1981 RTE-IVE Operating System Reference Manual
92068-90016 Jul-1982 READR/SAVER Utility Reference Manual
92068-90017 Jul-1981 HP 92068A RTE-IVB Index to Operating System Manuals
92068-90022 Jul-1982 DVC12 Line Printer Driver Reference Manual
92068-90023 Jan-1983 Oct-1983 Getting Started with Your Primary System
92200-93005 Dec-1983 RTE Operating System Driver Writing Manual
92202-93001 Oct-1981 RTE Driver DVR23 for HP 7970 Series Digital Magnetic Tape Units
92900-90005 Apr-1978 Serial Link Driver DVA47 Programming and Operating Manual