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18 107B CM24 GSIII DDC Instructions

This [DDC Module (DDC cable)= 4822 320 12004(=4822 724 27550)] Connection
[DDC V2(DDCV2U.EXE) software(3.5" disk)=4822 711 00024(= 4822
724 27560)] (Rear of the monitor)
are used for "BU Monitor - Chungli product range" which
incorporates a DDC1/DDC2B function that allows
bi-directional communication between the monitor and
PC system for optimal video configuration.
[July 01 1997, Revision 2.0] ,which upgrades the software and
service information(4822 727 21027 & 4822 727 21038) , is fully
compatible with previous one.

Additional information :

To video card
Additional information about DDC (Display Data Channel) may be
obtained from Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

To printer port (LTP1)
Extended Display Identification (EDID) information may be also be
obtained from VESA.

Pin assignment

The 15-pin D-sub connector (male) of the signal cable
(3 rows) for DDC feature : Video cable

DDC data re-programming
1 5
6 10
11 15 1. General
In case the DDC data memory IC, replaced due to a defect
the data contents of this IC have to be re- programmed via a
In case of replacement of the video (or deflection) board
it is advised to re-soldered DDC IC from the old board onto
the new board, in this case the IC dose not need to be
Pin No. Assignment Pin No. Assignment
1 Red video input 9 No pin
2. DDCV2N.EXE can be used for :
2 Green video input 10 Logic ground
EDID Structure Version/Revision
3 Blue video input 11 Identical output
connected to pin 10 Version :1
Revision :0 (text file)
4 Identical output 12 Serial data line
connected to pin 10 (SDA) and
5 Ground 13 H.sync
Version :1
6 Red video ground 14 V. sync (VCLK for
Revision :1 (.hex file)
7 Green video ground DDC)
8 Blue video ground 15 Data clock (SCL)
DDC Instructions (Continued) 107B CM24 GSIII 19

DDC Reprogramming Instructions (for How to write DDC hex files to Monitor
PHILIPS models)