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High performance low voltage NPN transistor

Very low collector to emitter saturation voltage
DC current gain, hFE > 100
3 A continuous collector current
40 V breakdown voltage V(BR)CER
SOT-223 plastic package for surface mounting
circuits in tape and reel packaging
Applications SOT-223

Power management in portable equipment
Voltage regulation in bias supply circuits
Switching regulator in battery charger
Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram
Heavy load driver

The device in manufactured in low voltage NPN
planar technology by using a "Base Island" layout.
The resulting transistor shows exceptional high
gain performance coupled with very low
saturation voltage.

Table 1. Device summary
Order code Marking Package Packaging

STN690A N690A SOT-223 Tape and reel

February 2009 Rev 2 1/9
www.st.com 9
Electrical ratings STN690A

1 Electrical ratings

Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings
Symbol Parameter Value Unit

VCBO Collector-base voltage (IE = 0) 40 V
VCER Collector-emitter voltage (R BE = 47 ) 40 V
VCEO Collector-emitter voltage (IB = 0) 30 V

VEBO Emitter-base voltage (IC = 0) 5 V
IC Collector current 3 A
ICM Collector peak current (tP < 5 ms) 6 A
Ptot Total dissipation at Tamb = 25