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Inspection DL7100 / DL7200
Standards Digital Oscilloscopes

1. Scope
These inspection standards apply to the DL7100/DL7200 of digital oscilloscopes (product codes: 701410, 701420, 701430
and 701440).

2. Inspection Items
* Test of Insulation Resistance (Subsection 5.1)
* Test of Withstanding Voltage (Subsection 5.2)
* Test of Accuracy of Time Base (Subsection 5.3)
* Test of Trigger Sensitivity (Subsection 5.4)
* Test of Frequency Bandwidth (Subsection 5.5)
Test of Accuracy of Vertical Axis (Subsection 5.6)
Test of Accuracy of Offset Voltage (Subsection 5.7)
3. Functional Inspection Items
Visual Inspection and Specifications Cross-check (Subsection 6.1)
Test of Performance of Components (Subsection 6.2)
* Test of I/O Signals (Subsection 6.3)
* Test of Optional Logic Input (Option Code: /N1, /N2, /N3, /N4) (Subsection 6.4)
* Test of Communication Functions (Subsection 6.5)
Test of Optional Built-in Printer (Option Code: /B5) (Subsection 6.6)
Test of Optional PC Card (Option Code: /C9, C10) (Subsection 6.7)
Test of Optional Ethernet Communication Port (Option Code: /C10) (Subsection 6.8)
Test of CAN Bus Trigger Function (Option Code: /F7) (Subsection 6.9)
Note: The items marked with an asterisk (*) are subject to inspection by test certificate only.

4. Equipment Used