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Crest Audio XR-20 mono input module user options 12-18-01

Aux Pre Signal Mod
Direct out mod
Easy to read instructions located
right on the board here....

Cut and remove 0 ohm jumpers R159 and R106 on the mono input main PCB. Add solder blobs to SB4 and SB5 to join the 2
solder pad halves. Now your direct out for this channel is Post-EQ and Pre-fader. If you require a easy pre fader/pre EQ dir
out it is possible to utilize the insert send and modify your 1/4" connector for this accordingly so as not to interrupt signal flow
to the rest of the module (IE: short tip/ring together).
XR-20/24 block diagram XR-20 / XR-24 owner's manual


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