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n-Channel Power MOSFET

BSF050N03LQ3 G

Data Sheet
2.2, 2009-05-11

Industrial & Multimarket
BSF050N03LQ3 G

1 Description
OptiMOSTM30V products are class leading power MOSFETs for highest power
density and energy efficient solutions. Ultra low gate- and output charges together
with lowest on state resistance in small footprint packages make OptiMOSTM 30V
the best choice forthe demanding requirements of voltage regulator solutions in
Servers, Datacom and Telecom applications. Super fast switching Control FETs
together with low EMI Sync FETs provide solutions that are easy to design in.
OptiMOSTM products are available in high performance packages to tackle your
most challenging applications giving full flexibility in optimizing space- efficiency
and cost. OptiMOSTM products are designed to meet and exceed the energy
efficiency and power density requirements of the sharpened next generation
voltage regulation standards in computing applications