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High power NPN epitaxial planar bipolar transistor

High breakdown voltage VCEO > 230V
Complementary to 2STA1943
Fast-switching speed
Typical fT = 30 MHz

Application 3
Audio power amplifier

This device is a NPN transistor manufactured
using new BiT-LA (Bipolar Transistor for linear
amplifier) technology. The resulting transistor
shows good gain linearity behaviour. Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram

Table 1. Device summary
Order code Marking Package Packaging
2STC5200 2STC5200 TO-264 Tube

December 2007 Rev 2 1/9
www.st.com 9
Electrical ratings 2STC5200

1 Electrical ratings

Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings
Symbol Parameter Value Unit

VCBO Collector-base voltage (IE = 0) 230 V
VCEO Collector-emitter voltage (IB = 0) 230 V
VEBO Emitter-base voltage (IC = 0) 5 V
IC Collector current 15 A
ICM Collector peak current 30 A
Ptot Total dissipation at TC = 25