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P-Channel Enhancement-Mode
Vertical DMOS FET
Features General Description
Free from secondary breakdown The Supertex VP2106 is an enhancement-mode (normally-
Low power drive requirement off) transistor that utilizes a vertical DMOS structure
Ease of paralleling and Supertex's well-proven silicon-gate manufacturing
Low CISS and fast switching speeds process. This combination produces a device with the
High input impedance and high gain power handling capabilities of bipolar transistors, and the
high input impedance and positive temperature coefficient
Excellent thermal stability
inherent in MOS devices. Characteristic of all MOS
Integral source-to-drain diode
structures, this device is free from thermal runaway and
Applications thermally-induced secondary breakdown.

Motor controls Supertex's vertical DMOS FETs are ideally suited to a
Converters wide range of switching and amplifying applications where
Amplifiers very low threshold voltage, high breakdown voltage, high
Switches input impedance, low input capacitance, and fast switching
Power supply circuits speeds are desired.
Drivers (relays, hammers, solenoids, lamps,
memories, displays, bipolar transistors, etc.)

Ordering Information
Package Option RDS(ON) ID(ON)
Device (max) (min)
TO-92 (V)
() (mA)
VP2106 VP2106N3-G -60 12 -500
-G indicates package is RoHS compliant (`Green')

Pin Configuration



Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Value TO-92 (N3)
Drain-to-source voltage BVDSS
Drain-to-gate voltage BVDGS Product Marking
Gate-to-source voltage