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Model 5010

Programmable Fluid Bath
The Easy Solution For Precise Environment Control

G uildline Model 5010 Programmable Fluid Bath is a high
precision constant temperature bath for use with many
different types of fluids. Control monitoring is by means of a
platinum resistance thermometer, known for its high accuracy,
in conjunction with a microprocessor, providing digital
proportional control.
Front panel control is via a keyboard for temperature selection,
read and enter functions and a large digital display. The
temperature may be set and controlled anywhere in the range
-9.9 0C to 65 0C, (14 0F to 149 0F). Once a temperature has been
selected, the control circuitry defines the best heating (or
cooling) curve to bring the bath to temperature, with
minimum overshoot, hysteresis or oscillation, in the shortest
possible time. The front panel and controls are totally splash
proof and impervious to saline corrosion.
Programmability is provided via an IEEE 488 or RS 232C
Interface. An analog output is also included for connection to
chart recorders.
The 5010 Programmable Fluid Bath is a high
> Fully Programmable via IEEE 488 & precision constant temperature bath for use with
RS232C Interfaces
many different types of fluids.
> Digital Proportional Control
The 5010 is suitable for recess bench mounting and features a
> Range - 9.9 0C to 65 0C gravity drain, a sloped top (towards bath) with spillage lip, plus
(14 0F to 149 0F) a clear polycarbonate chamber cover which is removable for
> For use with water, oil, fluorocarbons, complete access to the 13.2 gallon (50 litre) capacity chamber.
alcohol, ethylene glycol and a variety Over temperature protection is provided automatically and in
the event of a power interruption the bath returns to the last
of other fluids
programmed temperature.
> Stability <