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Product: LCD MONITOR Model: GH17LS, GH17ES, GH17VS
SyncMaster 171S, 171B, 760V, 170S, Samtron 71S

Bulletin No.: MON02-004 (01-C/M-E0069) Bulletin Date: May 6, 2002 ECN Date: May 6, 2002

SUBJECT: ATI Radeon Video Adapter Compatibility ___________________________ Background: The BN44-00064A Inverter board used from March 2002 to April 2002 may fail, causing a high voltage discharge to the transformer coil. The transformer coil may smoke causing a dim display or no video. The BN44-00064A is no longer in use as of May 1, 2002. Note: Other inverter boards used in GH17 models BN44-00041A, BN44-00060A, BN44-00029A don't have this problem. Cause: Solution: Inverter BN44-00064A

Factory Korea Mexico Malaysia UK CHINA

Upgrade all GH17 monitors that come in for service. First, check the serial number and inverter part number after opening the back cover. If the inverter part number is BN44-00064A (blue color), replace with BN44-00041A inverter. There are 3 versions of the BN44-00064A inverter (Blue, Yellow, Green tape wrapped around the inverter board transformers.) - Blue tape: Replace. - Yellow or Green tape: No need to replace (improved version). Defective Range for each production factory 64A inverter Range Serial number Remark (Serial number) Mar.01~April.26, 2002 GH17H4LT300001~GH17H4NT414953 GH17H4LT300001 Mar.25~April.26, 2002 GH17HCFT309484 ~ Apr.30, 2002 April.03~April.26, 2002 GH17HMFT400001~GH17HMFT400629 Mar.20~April.26, 2002 GH17HJAT305369~GH17HJAT500001 Did not use 64A inverter Application Date: May 20, 2002. Factory 4: Korea C: Mexico J: UK V: China M: Malaysia Production Month

Location No.

Blue Tape Trans Inverter

Part No.

Part No.

4 Trans Type Inverter

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