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Product: CRT MONITOR Model: AQ17LS SyncMaster 750S SUBJECT: Electronic Shock Background: There may be a leakage current problem with the AQ17LS model monitor if used in a building that has no grounding system (earth ground). Because of this, the user may feel a slight electronic shock when touching the screen or D-sub connector. Cause: Solution: Capacitors C603 and C604. Change the value of capacitors C603 and C604. Bulletin No.: MON02-006 (02-C/M-E0067) Bulletin Date: July 27, 2002 ECN Date: July 27, 2002

Application Date: July 27, 2002

Location No.
C603 C604

Description Part No.
2201-000023 2201-000023

Part No.
2201-000024 2201-000024

C-Ceramic Disk, 2.2nf, 20%, 125V C-Ceramic Disk, 2.2nf, 20%, 125V

C-Ceramic Disk, 4.7nf, 20%, 250V C-Ceramic disk, 4.7nf, 20%, 250V

Revision (5-21-2002)