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Product: MONITOR Model: ALL MODELS Bulletin No.: MON02-011 (02-C/M-E0082) Bulletin Date: September 10, 2002 ECN Date:

SUBJECT: DDC PROGRAMMING Background: New main PCB assemblies for CRT and LCD monitors/TVs and DDC EEPROMS must be preprogrammed with the EDID. DDC EDID is the data that is needed for plug and play identification. It is imperative that the DDC EEPROM is programmed properly for the end user. Without the st proper programming, when the monitor is 1 turned on and the PC is powered up, there may be incompatibility between the PC's video adapter and the monitor. Cause: Solution: The main board assembly and new EEPROM are blank from the factory. Reprogram the EEPROM with the correct DDC EDID file. The DDC procedure and files can be found on www.samsungasc.com under service bulletins for monitors. Click here for ( DDC Procedure.pdf ) Click here for ( DDC-Files.zip ) HEX Codes

Application Date: September 10, 2002

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