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Rev 1.5e 17 Aug 2000 WP Rev 1.61 26 Sept 01 WP Rev 1.6A 15 APRIL O2 ST
BP25 PREAMP IR receiver replaced with 20N cap in RC reveiver ADD 1MEG TO + BUFFER
MAIN SCHEMATIC updated part RPM6938 (Rohm)
(45027) repalced with 22n
and the 49K9 in parallel with INPUT
Rev 1.6 09 Aug 2001 ST it is chg'd to 45K3. Two Rev 1.7 1 Aug 03 WP
HEADPHONE MUTE WIRING 1000u/50v caps on output of Corrected dwg error to
8v regulator replaced with gnd'ng at sel.sw. inputs
SHOWN single 2200u/35v cap.