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Spec No. TQ3C-8EA00-E1DET04-00
SPEC Date July 14, 2009

< 19.0 inch SXGA transmissive color TFT>


1. General Description
2. Functional Block Diagram
3. Absolute maximum ratings
4. Electrical characteristics
5. Signal characteristics
6. Connector & Pin Assignment
7. Reliability Test
8. Lot number identification
9. Warranty
10. Handing Precautions
11. Mechanical characteristics

This specification is subject to change without notice.
Consult Kyocera before ordering.
Original Designed by: Engineering dept. Confirmed by: QA dept.
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July 14, 2009
Spec No. Part No. Page
TQ3C-8EA00-E1DET04-00 TCG190SX4AA-A00 -


1. This Kyocera LCD module has been specifically designed for use only in
electronic devices and industrial machines in the area of audio control,
office automation, industrial control, home appliances, etc. The module
should not be used in applications where the highest level of safety and
reliability are required and module failure or malfunction of such module
results in physical harm or loss of life, as well as enormous damage or loss.
Such fields of applications include, without limitation, medical, aerospace,
communications infrastructure, atomic energy control. Kyocera expressly
disclaims any and all liability resulting in any way to the use of the module
in such applications.

2. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Kyocera harmless
from and against any and all actions, claims, damages, liabilities,
awards, costs, and expenses, including legal expenses, resulting from or
arising out of Customer's use, or sale for use, or Kyocera modules in
Spec No. Part No. Page
TQ3C-8EA00-E1DET04-00 TCG190SX4AA-A00 -
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Designed by : Engineering dept. Confirmed by : QA dept.
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TQ3C-8EA00-E1DET04-00 TCG190SX4AA-A00 1

1. General Description

TCG190SX4AA-A00 is a Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display composed of a TFT-LCD panel, a
drivercircuit, and backlight system. The screen format is intended to support the SXGA (1280(H) x
1024(V)) screen and 16.7M colors 8-bits(6-bits+HiFRC). All input signals are LVDS interface compatible.
Inverter card of backlight is not included. TCG190SX4AA-A00 is designed for a general display unit.

1.1 Display Characteristics
The following items are characteristics summary on the table under 25 condition:

Spec No. Part No. Page
TQ3C-8EA00-E1DET04-00 TCG190SX4AA-A00 2

1.2 Optical Characteristics

The optical characteristics are measured under stable conditions at 25 (Room Temperature):

Optical Equipment: BM-5A, PR880, SR3, CS1000 or equivalent.

Spec No. Part No. Page
TQ3C-8EA00-E1DET04-00 TCG190SX4AA-A00 3

Note 1: Definition of viewing angle
Viewing angle is the measurement of contrast ratio 10, at the screen center, over a 180