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Service Manual

DW1052 and DHD1052

The technical information and parts shown in this
manual are not to be used for: the development,
design, production, storage or use of nuclear, chemical,
biological or missile weapons or other weapons of
mass destruction; or military purposes; or purposes that
endanger global safety and peace. Moreover, do not
sell, give, or export these items, or grant permission for
use to parties with such objectives. Forward all inquiries
to the SUPPLIER.

Be sure to read this manual before servicing. To assure safety from fire, electric shock, injury, harmful
radiation and materials, various measures are provided in this Multimedia DLP Projector.
Be sure to read cautionary items described in the manual to maintain safety before servicing.

Service Warning
1. When replace the lamp, avoid burns on your fingers. The lamp becomes too hot.
2. Never touch the lamp bulb with a finger or anything else. Never drop it or give it a shock. They may
cause bursting of the bulb.
3. This projector is provided with a high voltage circuit for the lamp. Do not touch the electric parts of
power unit (circuit), power unit (ballast) and power unit (cooling), after turning on the projector.
4. Do not touch the exhaust fan, during operation.
5. Use the cables which are included with the projector or specified.

1. Features ------------------------------------------------------ 3 7. Disassembly/assembly diagram---------------------- 53
2. Specifications ----------------------------------------------- 4 8. Replacement parts list ---------------------------------- 94
3. Names of each part---------------------------------------- 5 9. RS-232C communication------------------------------- 98
4. Adjustment --------------------------------------------------- 6 10. Block diagram -------------------------------------------- 113
5. Troubleshooting ------------------------------------------ 10 11. Connector connection diagram ---------------------- 114
6. Service points --------------------------------------------- 23 12. Basic circuit diagram ----------------------------------- 115


Multimedia DLP Projector
DWU1052/DHD1052 Service Manual
020-000863-01 Rev. 1 (1-2016)
January 2016
DWU1052 / DHD1052

Read this page before the repair work. This page explains the indications of following items to keep
safety and prevent from accident.
Entries with graphical symbol explanation

WARNING This entry warns of a risk of personal serious injury or even death.

CAUTION This entry warns of a risk of personal injury, physical or property damage.

Typical graphical symbols explanation
This symbol indicates This symbol indicates This symbol indicates
warnings and cautions. hazard of high voltage. mandatory actions.
This symbol indicates This symbol indicates This symbol indicates
hazard of explosion. hazard of hand crush. coercing to unplug.
This symbol indicates This symbol indicates This symbol indicates
hazard of high temperature. optical radiation warning. prohibited actions.

Follow the instructions.
The warning labels or markings are on the parts which need special attention.
Follow those notes and the User's Manual - Sefty Guide.
Avoid electric shock.
Be careful and unplug the power cord as far as possible during the work. Be sure to
unplug when disassembling or assembling.
The projector has high voltage portion and possibly charged portion. If you touch such a
place or other live part, it cause electric shock and may lead to death.
Use specified or recommended components.
Use the components which have same characteristic especially about incombustibility
and voltage proof as previous for keeping safe and reliability. Be particularly sure to use
the components marked with in the replacement parts list and circuit diagram.
Using un-specified or non-recommended components may cause electric shock or fire.
Keep same style of wiring and components.
This product uses insulating tapes or tubes, and has some components assembled
keeping distance from particular portion to keep safety and reliability. Also the
cables are wired so that they keep away from high temperature or voltage part.
Be sure to restore them if you have changed to prevent from electric shock and fire.
Do safety inspection after repair work.
Check if the all is restored (removed parts and wiring are same condition as previous)
after repair work. Also check if any damage is around the repaired or replaced part.
Measure the insulation resistance with megohmmeter after visual inspection. If the
resistance is less than 4M ohm, it may cause electric shock and fire.
Operators shall control access to the beam within the hazard distance or install the
product at a height that will prevent eye exposure within the hazard distance.
No direct exposure to the beam shall be permitted.
Operators shall control access to the beam within the hazard distance or install the
product at a height that will prevent eye exposure within the hazard distance. At
maintenance and repair of ENGINE assembly, LAMP UNIT, LAMP1/2 EXHAUST FAN,
be sure to pull out the power cord before work.

Do not touch the fan motor while it is rotating.
Do not touch the fan motors when you have turned on the projector with the UPPER
CASE removed. It may injure you.
DWU1052/DHD1052 Service Manual 2
020-000863-01 Rev. 1 (1-2016)
DWU1052 / DHD1052

1. Features
> Advanced Network Functions
Not only can you control and monitor the projectors via LAN connection, but also project still or
moving images from one or more networked computers.
> Wireless Network Capability
You can use the wireless network by connecting the projector to a PC using the optional USB
wireless adapter.
The projector is capable of storing the lens shift position.
> Status monitor
The projector displays the present status or the error log with the sub LCD monitor.
> Flexible installation
It is possible to install the projector for any vertical direction(*) with specified mounting
*: The side planes of the projector should be kept vertical or horizontal.
> PbyP (Picture by Picture), PIP (Picture in Picture)
You can project two images from different input ports on one screen at the same time. With the
remote control, it is easy to turn on/off this function and select the input source for the main and
sub areas.
> eClarity
eClarity is a function to improve the legibility so that it helps to read small letters.
Advanced feature which is original image stabilizer for a clearer image.
> HDBaseTTM covered
Gives one more digital interface to get clearer pictures on a screen.
> Dual color wheel
Equips with two color wheels, to enhance brightness and color.
> Optional lenses
The wide range of lens shift feature will give more various installing.

DWU1052/DHD1052 Service Manual 3
020-000863-01 Rev. 1 (1-2016)
DWU1052 / DHD1052

2. Specifications
Panel system Digital Mirror Device
Panel Panel size DWU1052 : 0.67" (17.0mm), DHD1052 : 0.65" (16.5mm)
Number of pixels DWU1052 : 1920(H) x 1200(V) , DHD1052 : 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Lamp 430W UHP x 2
Digital HDMI Signal type: T.M.D.S
video signal 2 Signal level: DC 3.3V