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Installation Manual
Thank you for purchasing a NEA Rhodes Chroma Aftertouch System.
This product adds polyphonic aftertouch functionality to any Rhodes
Chroma. Our aftertouch system uses high quality force-sensing-
resistors that were designed for human touch applications, making
them ideal for use in aftertouch systems. Each key's aftertouch
sensitivity can be adjusted, allowing for uniform response across the
Chroma's keyboard, which can require as much or as little pressure as
your tastes require.
The original aftertouch system for the Chroma required that the
sensors be mounted to that back rail, which due to the mechanics of
the Chroma keyboard, required more force than should have been
necessary to engage aftertouch. The Chroma keyboard has the same
style of keys as the Prophet T8 and Synclaviers, which both have
fully adjustable, great feeling polyphonic aftertouch. The sensors in
these two synths are located under the keys, which gives a significant
mechanical advantage. (Requires less force to activate aftertouch)
We decided to adapt the circuitry and mechanics from these synths
into a system for the Chroma. We were able to take advantage of the
Chroma's keyboard mechanics to make our aftertouch system feel
This kit is easy to moderate in terms of difficulty, and can be installed
in about 3 hours. We hope you enjoy our product.

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