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SOT-363 Dual Transistor(PNP)

Epitaxial planar die construction
Ideal for low power amplification and switching


Dimensions in inches and (millimeters)
MAXIMUM RATINGS(TA=25 unless otherwise noted)

Symbol Parameter Value Units
VCBO Collector-Base Voltage -40 V
VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage -40 V
VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage -5 V
IC Collector Current -Continuous -0.2 A
PC Collector Power Dissipation 0.2 W
RJA Thermal Resistance. Junction to Ambient Air 625 /W
TJ Junction Temperature 150
Tstg Storage Temperature -55-150

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(Tamb=25unless otherwise specified)
Parameter Symbol Test conditions MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Collector-base breakdown voltage V(BR)CBO IC=-10A,IE=0 -40 V
Collector-emitter breakdown voltage V(BR)CEO IC=-1mA,IB=0 -40 V
Emitter-base breakdown voltage V(BR)EBO IE=-10A,IC=0 -5 V
Collector cut-off current ICEX VCE=-30V,VEB(OFF)=-3V -50 nA
Base cut-off current IEBO VEB=-5V,IC=0 -50 nA
hFE(1) VCE=-1V,IC=-0.1mA 60
hFE(2) VCE=-1V,IC=-1mA 80
DC current gain hFE(3) VCE=-1V,IC=-10mA 100 300
hFE(4) VCE=-1V,IC=-50mA 60
hFE(5) VCE=-1V,IC=-100mA 30
VCE(sat)1 IC=-10mA,IB=-1mA -0.25 V
Collector-emitter saturation voltage
VCE(sat)2 IC=-50mA,IB=-5mA -0.4 V
VBE(sat)1 IC=-10mA,IB=-1mA -0.65 -0.85 V
Base-emitter saturation voltage
VBE(sat)2 IC=-50mA,IB=-5mA -0.95 V
Transition frequency fT VCE=-20V,IC=-10mA,f=100MHz 250 MHz
Collector output capacitance Cob VCB=-5V,IE=0,f=1MHz 4.5 pF
Noise figure NF VCE=-5V,Ic=-0.1mA,f=1kHz,Rg=1K 4 dB
Delay time td VCC=-3V, VBE=0.5V 35 nS
Rise time tr IC=-10mA , IB1=-IB2=-1mA 35 nS
Storage time tS VCC=-3V, IC=-10mA 225 nS
Fall time tf IB1=-IB2=- 1mA 75 nS
SOT-363 Dual Transistor(PNP)

Typical characteristics