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Digital transistors (built-in resistors)
DTA124XE / DTA124XUA / DTA124XKA /
FFeatures FExternal dimensions (Units: mm)
1) Built-in bias resistors enable the
configuration of an inverter circuit
without connecting external input
resistors (see equivalent circuit).
2) The bias resistors consist of thin-
film resistors with complete isola-
tion to allow positive biasing of the
input. They also have the advan-
tage of almost completely eliminat-
ing parasitic effects.
3) Only the on / off conditions need to
be set for operation, making device
design easy.

FEquivalent circuit


Transistors DTA124XE/DTA124XUA/DTA124XKA/DTA124XSA

FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C)

FElectrical characteristics (Ta = 25_C)

FPackaging specifications

Transistors DTA124XE/DTA124XUA/DTA124XKA/DTA124XSA

FElectrical characteristic curves