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2. Service Tips
2-1 How to replace the bulb
1 Remove the power source before replacing the bulb. 1 Use the JC6V-3W/G4 (100H) halogen lamp (maker : USHIO) to reduce the disk of fire. 1 If you have any trouble in replacing the bulb, contact you nearest authorized service center. 1. Disassemble the VIDEO LIGHT unit from camcorder with a small screwdriver (see figure). 2. Pull out the VIDEO LIGHT unit carefully. Take care of the cable which connects the LIGHT and camcorder. 3. Disassemble the cover carefully from the LIGHT unit. Be careful. The cover is easily broken. 4. Pull out the bulb with flat pliers. The bulb is easily broken. Do not apply excessive force when you use flat pliers. 5. Replace the bulb. Replace the bulb using flat pliers and a dry cloth. The dry cloth is used to prevent finger prints. Make sure that the bulb is exactly in place to reduce the risk of fire. 6. Assemble the cover carefully to the LIGHT unit (see figure). 7. Assemble the LIGHT unit to camcorder with a small screwdriver (see figure). Note : To prevent the bulb from being smudged with finger prints, handle it with a dry cloth, etc. If the bulb is smudged, wipe it completely.

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