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Operating Manual

Internal APG (Analog
Programming) Interface
for XT/HPD Series
Programmable DC
Power Supply
Operating Manual for

Internal APG (Analog
Programming) Interface
for XT 60 Watt and
HPD 300 Watt Series
Programmable DC
Power Supply
Limited What does this warranty cover and how long does it last?
Warranty This Limited Warranty is provided by Xantrex Technology, Inc. ("Xantrex") and
covers defects in workmanship and materials in your Internal APG Interface card.
This warranty lasts for a Warranty Period of 5 years from the date of purchase at
point of sale to you, the original end user customer.

What will Xantrex do?
Xantrex will, at its option, repair or replace the defective product free of charge,
provided that you notify Xantrex of the product defect within the Warranty Period,
and provided that Xantrex through inspection establishes the existence of such a
defect and that it is covered by this Limited Warranty.
Xantrex will, at its option, use new and/or reconditioned parts in performing
warranty repair and building replacement products. Xantrex reserves the right to use
parts or products of original or improved design in the repair or replacement. If
Xantrex repairs or replaces a product, its warranty continues for the remaining
portion of the original Warranty Period or 90 days from the date of the return
shipment to the customer, whichever is greater. All replaced products and all parts
removed from repaired products become the property of Xantrex.
Xantrex covers both parts and labor necessary to repair the product, and return
shipment to the customer via a Xantrex-selected non-expedited surface freight
within the contiguous United States and Canada. Alaska and Hawaii are excluded.
Contact Xantrex Customer Service for details on freight policy for return shipments
outside of the contiguous United States and Canada.

How do you get service?
If your product requires troubleshooting or warranty service, contact your merchant.
If you are unable to contact your merchant, or the merchant is unable to provide
service, contact Xantrex directly at:

Phone: 604 422 8595

Toll Free North America: 1 800 667 8422

Fax: 604 421 3056

Email: [email protected]

ii Operating Manual for APG for XT/HPD Series Power Supply
Direct returns may be performed according to the Xantrex Return Material
Authorization Policy described in your product manual. For some products, Xantrex
maintains a network of regional Authorized Service Centers. Call Xantrex or check
our website to see if your product can be repaired at one of these facilities.
In any warranty claim, dated proof of purchase must accompany the product and the
product must not have been disassembled or modified without prior written
authorization by Xantrex.
Proof of purchase may be in any one of the following forms: