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AR8000 operating manual
(1) Introduction & accessories
Thank you for purchasing THE NEW CONCEPT AOR AR8000 World Band
Wide Band all mode receiver.

This operating manual is divided into many sections and presented in a logical
order assuming that it will be read section by section following the examples.
However, if you are familiar with the operations of modern mulit-function
receivers you may proceed directly to section 6. Many phrases are repeated
through the manual, while this may make the text a little repetitious, it should
provide clear instructions if you refer directly to a specific section.

Every effort has been made to make this manual correct and up to date. Due
to continuous development of the receiver and by error or omissions anomalies
may be found and this is acknowledged.

Most apparent faults are usually due to accidental misoperation of the receiver,
carefully read all of the manual before deciding to return the receiver for repair.

Although carefully designed, this receiver (like all receivers) suffers from a
degree of internal noises known as spurii. They are a product of the receiver's
circuitry and do not represent a fault.

This manual is protected by copyright AOR LTD 1994. No information
contained in this manual may be copied or transferred by any means without
the prior written consent of AOR LTD. AOR and the [AOR] logo are trade
marks of AOR, LTD. All other trade marks and names acknowledged. E&OE.