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Dual 40 V, 6.0 A, Low
VCE(sat) PNP Transistor
ON Semiconductor's e2 PowerEdge family of low VCE(sat)
transistors are surface mount devices featuring ultra low saturation
voltage (VCE(sat)) and high current gain capability. These are designed
for use in low voltage, high speed switching applications where http://onsemi.com
affordable efficient energy control is important.
Typical applications are low voltage motor controls in mass storage 40 VOLTS
products such as disc drives and tape drives. In the automotive 6.0 AMPS
industry they can be used in air bag deployment and in the instrument PNP LOW VCE(sat) TRANSISTOR
cluster. The high current gain allows e2PowerEdge devices to be EQUIVALENT RDS(on) 80 mW
driven directly from PMU's control outputs, and the Linear Gain
(Beta) makes them ideal components in analog amplifiers. COLLECTOR COLLECTOR
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