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== Keysight B150xA Series Firmware/FLEX control Software A.05.60.2014.0910 Release Notes ==

The following features are added in this release.

- B1513C support

- B1506A support

- B1507A support

The following improvements are added in this release.

- [9005] [FLEX Service] error handling for each category

- [9183] [CPU Support FPGA] Enhancement of monitoring interlock and high voltage status

The following defects are fixed in this release.

- [8638] [N1265A Thermometer Support] Board temperature may not be read.

- [9007] [FLEX Service] Cannot save GPIB log file in specified folder.

- [9027] Sending MCPNT command with wrong channel number causes main frame shutdown.

- [9062] [B1520A] Freq sweep measurement value has large dips after OSL cal.

- [9071] [B1511B Support] ASU serial number reading is to be supported.

- [9168] [N1265A Support] ICMR test limit for 1500AR is to be 3.5A.

- [9189] [Dual HCSMU Support] Unexpected error 204 occurs for CL command in case of INTLKVTH 0.

- [9237] [B1513x] Temp. limit in self test is wrong.

- [9271] [DR14I-010] B1500A shutdown may occur for HRSMU@10pA measurement noise.

- [9281] SMU may apply high voltage after interlock open during application measurement.

- [9287] [N1265A] Calibration data of ERPFUHCCAL? is not stored in EEPROM.

- [9312] I/V Sweep measurement speed may differ depending on ranging and polarity.

- [9338] [CMU] OSL correction data measurement may return incorrect result.


- B1511B support for B1500A

- B1511B/E5288A support for B1500A

- B1514A support for B1500A

- B1511B support for B1505A

- Maximum number of sweep point is enhanced to 10,001 for I/V sweep measurements of MM2, MM4, MM5, MM16 and MM28.

- [6958] [DR13I-004] B1500A FlexPrg Initialization Failed

- [9000] Compliance range for DV command is not checked for SMU type.

- [8982] Fault tolerance for hardware failure is to be enhanced for interlock and emergency handlings.

- [8925] [N1268A Support] Unexpected error 1004 may occur depending on pulse base and peak settings.

- [8937] Pulse fall timing below 20us of MCSMU causes unexpected error 233 in case of measuring with HPSMU/MPSMU.

- [8943] [SPGU] ALWG output delay is not compensated correctly.

- [8946] Sending DSMPLSETUP, DSMPLARM, DSMPLFLUSH or SOVC to non-SMU channel causes firmware crash.

- [8952] [HCSMU/HVSMU/MCSMU Support] 0A force offset correction may not work for negative current sweep.

- [8851] [N1265A + N1266A Support] Diagnosis using HVSMU is to be performed only in case of direct connection of HVSMU.

- [8869] [N1268A Support] Wrong error 694 is reported for missing N1268A instead of appropriate error 940.

- [8872] [N1266A Support] PV mode set by ERHVPV is to be reset at ERHVCA and ERHVCTST? to avoid unexpected failure.

- [8893] [B1512A/B1514A] Voltage pulse falling may be slow for 20A/1A range in case of different polarities for pulse base and peak.

- [8915] [UHCU Support] Power Compliance does not work for I Pulse Sweep.

- Signal Monitor related command support

- [8785] The measurement is not performed at the specified timing, if over 2.097152s is set for Measurement Delay Time.

- [8820] [MM10] Negative base voltage is not output for base hold time in case of 0V source setting.

- [8847] Firmware may stall for racing condition of SRQ and byte-in/out.

- B1511A support for B1505A

- B1513B support for B1505A

- B1514A support for B1505A

- N1265A support for B1505A

- N1266A support for B1505A

- N1268A support for B1505A

- [8242]: [Trigger IO] Support of MM27 and MM28

- [8734]: [Self calibration] Self calibration should abort on abnormal measurement value.

- [8439]: Step voltage of linear search is different from setup value on HVSMU.

- [8454]: [MM16] Unexpected error 224 may occur for issuing XE due to uncleared WNX setting.

- [8468]: Dual HCSMU force 2.3 A constant current causes overflow status.

- [8490]: [MM16] The first step after a polarity change may be output in wrong polarity in case of reaching current compliance.

- [8493]: [*LRN?] Sub-channel number of wrong offset is returned for B1525A.

- [8528]: Output from HPSMU kept at pulse peak value in multi channel pulsed spot measurement.

- [8595]: [MM10] HVSMU may not output negative current for voltage compliance setting above 1500V.

- [8602] FLEX GUI may return a wrong response for ERR? after receiving multiple DCL.

- [8403] [Enh. Req.] weighted factor mode for HRSMU High-resolution ADC integration time

- [8400] [FLEX] Does not generate SRQ after emergency.

- [8247] B1505A + N1259A: Interlock error occurs intermittently even the lid of N1259A is closed.

- [8278] [HVSMU] The limit of voltage range gain adjustment is too small.

- [8309] [MM9] Unexpected error 307 occurs for omitting measurement channel for quasi-pulse measurement mode.

- [8324] Transitional current may be observed due to insufficient wait time for negative current setting of SMU.

- [8133] [Module Selector] Output relay of SMU once assigned with ERHPA is on after execution of *TST? although in case of ERMOD 0.

- [8134] [DHC] Inconsistency may occur for self test/calibration results of Dual HCSMU.

- [8140] [HCSMU] Cannot write SPI EEPROM.

- [8146] [Module Selector] ERHPA/ERHPP must be rejected in case of High Voltage Status.

- [8147] [Module Selector] Response of *LRN? may be inconsistent for slots controlled with ERHPP.

- [8160] [DFSMU] Current pulse may have error of less than a few percents due to inconsistent current bias polarity.

- [8165] [SPGU] Improve the algorithm of power amp idle current calibartion.

- [8166] [SPGU] Don't report error message in *CAL? when module failed.

- [8168] Firmware hungs up in case of detecting high voltage status while power-on selftest.

- Dual HCSMU Combination support

- [MFCMU] Auto ranging may end up in not optimal range due to improper time window for status latching.
[Bug 8020]

- [HVSMU] *TST? does not report failure in Osc. Detector Test.
[Bug 8091]

- [Multi Channel Pulse] Wrong value and X status may occur when pulse width is set longer than 500ms.
[Bug 8094]

- [CMU] Rel Z Adjust occasionally fails.
[Bug 8055]

- [WGFMU] Self-calibration fails because hardware is not initialized correctly.
[Bug 8053]

- [WGFMU/SPGU] Not failed module displayed FAIL status in Configuration dialog
[Bug 7213]
- [HPSMU] over flow status is not cleared in pulse measurement.
[Bug 7999,8000]
- [WGFMU] GPIB hang up when repeating measurement.
[Bug 8003]
- [HCSMU] occasionally does not work 20A range.
[Bug 8011]
- Calculated source value is not correct in multi channel pulse sweep.
[Bug 8016]

- [DI09I-035] The voltage is not settled with in several 100us sampling measurement by the side effect of Bug7569 fixed.
[Bug 7950]
- [SMU] The calculation method of setting resolution is different from previous versions.
[Bug 7967]
- [SPGU] Unexpected error 105001 may occur in ALWG mode depending on prior errors in PG mode.
[Bug 7543]
- [SMU] The self-test has some of defects about limits and sequences.
[Bug 6455,7942,7945,7949,7955,7966,7967]
- [HVSMU/HCSMU] Fixed range meaurement may not stop the specified range in osillation condition.
[Bug 7940]
- [HVSMU/HCSMU] The meaurement may take very long wait time(35s) in osillation condition.
[Bug 7941]
- [HCSMU] Offset voltage correction may be wrong for current ranges other than 20A range.
[Bug 7939]
- [HVSMU/HCSMU] Timeout of convergence judge for pulse base is too long.
[Bug 7992]

- SMU output unexpected spike at 2V range 100mA compliance.
[Bug 7569]

- Algorithm change for a better WGFMU IM accuracy
[Bug 7405]

- SPGU self test result is incorrect when sync line is not connected.
[Bug 7235]


- Sampling interval between 1st and 2nd measurement points is longer than expected.
[Bug 7059]

- GPIB hungs up when it recieves end-of-line only string.("\r\n")
[Bug 6948]

- CORRSER? command does not work.
[Bug 6566, 6787]

- SPGU 2nd and following channels ignore ALWG sequence repeat count settings.
[Bug 6709]

- HR/MPSMU output momentarily drops to 0 V when the I range changes from 10 mA to 100 mA.
[Bug 6710]

- SPGU over current detector is too sensitive to tolerate parts chracteristics variation.
[Bug 6756]

- HRSMU Output spike when moving from 1nA range to 100mA range directly.
[Bug 4015]

- In appropriate SMU shutdown sequence.
[Bug 5148]

- Interlock open status is not reset.
[Bug 5625]

- Overshoot observed at 0.5V range / filter off / 100mA compliance.
[Bug 6447]

- Id-Vg measurement takes long time.
[Bug 6492]

- Data Ready bit was not asserted in high speed sampling.
[Bug 5848]

- Data drop in high speed sampling.
[Bug 5951]

- Unexpected ADC Overflow status in high speed sampling at interval above 250us and around.
[Bug 5981]

- High speed sampling measurement does not work properly when hold time is negative value.
[Bug 6018]

- V force I measurement sweep could sometimes suspend for 1.5 seconds.

- Data Ready bit was not asserted in high speed sampling.
[Bug 5848]

- MV command doesn't work in program memory when V range is set to 11.
[Bug 6140]


- Invalid ADC Type (g field) value at 8 bytes binary data format.
[Bug 5166]

- SMU output relay is closed at power on self test.
[Bug 5457]

- CMU stops responding at auto ranging with measured value 0.
[Bug 5542]

- Status byte is 0x00 at first device clear after power on.
[Bug 5563]

- B1500A sampling mode does not return to base until data transfer is finished.
[Bug 5603]

- Incorrect power compliance limitation for MP/HR SMU.
[Bug 5724]

- Need to accept EOI without CR/LF as a command terminator.

- When CMU load correction does not performed, correction coefficient is not correct.
[Bug 4963]

- When current range of HRSMU or MPSMU changed from <10mA to 100mA, spike appears.

- The other internal changes are made.

- The changes corresponding to firmware are made.

- CV-sweep measurement with delay time does not finish when setting of frequency
is less than 4kHz.
[Bug 4833 (Internal)]

- There is case which CMU is controllable after self-test failing.
[Bug 4894 (Internal)]

- After rebooting B1500A at the half-finished of CMU adjustment, CMU relative Z
adjustment fails.
[Bug 4896 (Internal)]

(*) This bug occurs only at the time of executing CMU adjustment using
Performance Verification Software.

- Value of the RC command parameter which the *LRN? command returns is not correct.

- FLEX control sometimes hangs up when a command was sent immediately after
*RST command was sent.

- High speed sampling measurement.

- Performance of CMU auto range measurement is down when averaging or integration
mode is PLC mode.

- FLEX control sometimes hangs up when application measurement was stopped by
Device Clear.

- Sweep measurement has been unexpectedly terminated by "other channel compliance"
[CR30225(Bugzilla Bug 4233)]

- Interlock open bit which unmasked by *SRE does not clear after status byte

- FLEX command which was sent following *RST does not execute.

- The following command returns incorrect result for the latest self-test.
TST? , 0

- In the sampling measurement, the synchronous sources start or stop always
output from the module that has the smallest slot number in numerical order,
regardless of the order of MV/MI receipt.

- The CMU measurement with auto ranging takes a long time in the power line
cycle mode (PLC) unreasonably.

- When the HRSMU is used with the ASU, the ASU has improper wait time for
1 pA range.

- If SMU outputs are shorted, the self-test for the mainframe may be failed
FAIL: (715) CPU Failed DAC set Trigger Test

- If any power compliance value is set for the sweep measurement when the
interlock circuit is open, an error occurs in the measurement though the
force voltage is less than 42 V.

- FLEX control hangs up.

- Initial Release

- Initial Release