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1. LCD CHARACTERISTICS Type : TFT SXGA LCD Size : 18.1inch (45.97cm) Pixel Pitch : 0.2805(H) x 0.2805(V) Pixel Format : 1280 x 1024 pixels (SXGA) RGB Stripe Arrangement Color Depth : 8-bit, 16,581,375 colors Active Video Area : 413mm x 333mm Surface Treatment : Anti-Glare, Hard Coating (3H) Backlight Unit : Four-CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) 2. OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS 2-1. Viewing Angle by Contrast Ratio 10 Left : 80 min. , Right : 80 min. Top : 80 min. , Bottom : 80 min. 2-2. Luminance : 170 cd/m2 (min) Right : 45 min. Bottom : 45 min. 4. POWER SUPPLY 4-1. Power Adaptor Input : AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz , ~2.0 - 1.0A Output : DC 12V 5.8A 4-2. Power Consumption

less than 70 W less than 5 W less than 5 W less than 5 W less than 5 W


5. ENVIRONMENT 5-1. Operating Temperature: 10C~35C (50F~95F) (Ambient) 5-2. Relative Humidity : 10%~80% (Non-condensing) 5-3. Altitude : 0~10,000ft (3,030m) 6. DIMENSIONS (with TILT/SWIVEL) Width Depth Height : 434 mm (17.09'') : 235 mm (9.25'') : 443 mm (17.44'')

2-3. Angle at Half Luminance Left : 45 min. , Top : 45 min. , 2-4. Contrast Ratio : 300 typ.

3. SIGNAL (Refer to the Timing Chart) 3-1. Sync Signal Type : Separate, TTL, Positive/Negative Composite, TTL, Positive/Negative SOG (Sync On Green) Digital 3-2. Video Input Signal 1) Type 2) Voltage Level a) Color 0, 0 b) Color 7, 0 c) Color 15, 0 3) Input Impedance 3-3. Operating Frequency Horizontal Vertical : R, G, B Analog : 0~0.714 V : 0 Vp-p : 0.467 Vp-p : 0.714 Vp-p : 75

7. WEIGHT (with TILT/SWIVEL) Net. Weight Gross Weight : 9.0kg (20.65 lbs) : 12.3kg (27.12 lbs)

8. USB Upstream : 1 port, Downstream : 4 port Speed : High-12Mbps, Low-1.5Mbps

: 30 ~ 80kHz : 56 ~ 85Hz


Signal Connector Pin Assignment
15pin VGA Connector Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
NOTE No. 5 Pin have to ground on the PC side.

Signal (D-Sub)
Red Video Green Video Blue Video Ground Ground Red Ground Green Ground Blue Ground

5 10 15

1 6 11

Pin 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Signal (D-Sub)
N.C. Sync.Ground Ground SDA H. Sync. V. Sync. SCL

DVI-I Connector (Digital/Analog) Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Signal (DVI-I)
T. M. D. S. Data2T. M. D. S. Data2+ T. M. D. S. Data2/4 Shield T. M. D. S. Data4T. M. D. S. Data4+ DDC Clock DDC Data Analog Vertical Sync. T. M. D. S. Data1T. M. D. S. Data1+ T. M. D. S. Data1/3 Shield T. M. D. S. Data3T. M. D. S. Data3+ +5V Power Ground (return for +5V,
H. Sync. and V. Sync.)

1 9 17

8 C1 C2 C5 16 24 C3 C4

Pin 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5

Signal (DVI-I)
Hot Plug Detect T. M. D. S. Data0T. M. D. S. Data0+ T. M. D. S. Data0/5 Shield T. M. D. S. Data5T. M. D. S. Data5+ T. M. D. S. Clock Shield T. M. D. S. Clock+ T. M. D. S. ClockAnalog Red Analog Green Analog Blue Analog H. Sync. Analog Ground

T. M. D. S. (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling)


WARNING FOR THE SAFETY-RELATED COMPONENT. There are some special components used in LCD monitor that are important for safety. These parts are marked on the schematic diagram and the replacement parts list. It is essential that these critical parts should be replaced with the manufacturer's specified parts to prevent electric shock, fire or other hazard. Do not modify original design without obtaining written permission from LG or you will void the original parts and labor guarantee.

BE CAREFUL ELECTRIC SHOCK ! If you want to replace with the new backlight (CCFL) or inverter circuit, must disconnect the AC adapter because high voltage appears at inverter circuit about 650Vrms. Handle with care wires or connectors of the inverter circuit. If the wires are pressed cause short and may burn or take fire.

TAKE CARE DURING HANDLING THE LCD MODULE WITH BACKLIGHT UNIT. Must mount the module using mounting holes arranged in four corners. Do not press on the panel, edge of the frame strongly or electric shock as this will result in damage to the screen. Do not scratch or press on the panel with any sharp objects, such as pencil or pen as this may result in damage to the panel. Protect the module from the ESD as it may damage the electronic circuit (C-MOS). Make certain that treatment person's body are grounded through wrist band. Do not leave the module in high temperature and in areas of high humidity for a long time. The module not be exposed to the direct sunlight. Avoid contact with water as it may a short circuit within the module. If the surface of panel become dirty, please wipe it off with a softmaterial. (Cleaning with a dirty or rough cloth may damage the panel.) IF BRIGHTNESS OF THE LCD MODULE DARKEN, REPLACE THE BACKLIGHT ONE OR ALL. There is two backlight, must distinguish between the top (upper) and the bottom (lower), and be careful of treatment it. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of a backlight is about 30,000 hours.
Backlight Ass'y (P/N: 6913TZZ002A)

Please use only a plastic screwdriver to protect yourself from shock hazard during service operation.