Text preview for : en_sect_3.pdf part of Daewoo Nubira/Lacetti Also known as: Chevrolet Nubira / Lacetti, Chevrolet Optra Optra5, Suzuki Forenza Reno Covers the 1.4L, 1.6L and 1.8L engine. Year 2004

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N03 N12 N16 N20 N21 N22 N23 N24 N27 N28 N29 N38 N45 N46 N47 N48 N49 N50 N51 N52 Surge, hesitate, stumble Flooded, overflowing Percolation Blocked Shuddering, pulsation, vibration, chattering Slippage ( = slipping) Difficult engagement Difficult disengagement Squeaking, squealing, abnormal(wind) noise Dragging Pulls Improper synchronizing Unusual tire wear Misaligned or mismatched Weak Hard to turn Impossible to turn Vehicle bouncing Deteriorated Distortion, rainbow, waving N55 N56 N57 N58 N59 N60 N62 N66 N67 N68 N69 N71 N72 N73 N91 N92 N93 N94 N99 Rust, corrosion, perforation Glazed Loose, poor fit Bubbles Vehicle vibration Excessive vibration Inaccurate (meter, gauge, etc.) Blown fuse Warning light on Intermittent operation Pulls to left or right Oil leak, oil entering Water leak, water entering Leaks­other (air, fuel, refrigerant, vacuum) Interference or hitting Inoperative High/low operating effort Special policy Undefined

R01 R02 R03 R04 R05 R06 R07 R08 R09 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R18 Scored, scratched or chipped Frozen Peeling, come­off Rusty, corroded Split, cut or torn Broken or cracked Porous, pin holes, cavity Bent, kinky, twisted, distorted, warped or wrinkled Stripped ­ bolts, holes, nuts Soiled Weakened, loss of tension or resilience (spring, cushion, etc.) Abnormal wear Out of balance Out of round Loose or improper connection Grounded or shorted R24 R25 R26 R27 R28 R31 R32 R33 R34 R35 R36 R99 R20 R21 R22 R23 Faulty casting Improper clearance, back lash, free play Lack of lubricants Improper welding or soldering, welding or soldering omitted Improper tightening, fit or assembly Sticks, binds, seized Foreign material, clogged Improper sealing, sealer omitted or skipped Improper adjustment Incorrect part Improperly installed Improperly routed Missing part Flaw in material Contaminants Undefined