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GR-DVM80U, GR-DVM90U SB-02060502-V _______________________________________ Number: ______________ June 2002 ______________

Power turns off automatically after replacing the Main PWB Subject: _______________________________________ Date:

Symptom: When the MAIN PWB assembly on the above listed units is replaced, power might be turned off after the old EEPROM data is written into the new MAIN PWB assembly. Cause: The adjustment value (data contained at EEPROM address 1D3h) is incorrect for this board and prevents the unit's 81MHz VCO from being locked by the PLL to the main clock. The camera CPU senses that the 81MHz VCO is not PLL locked and turns off the unit's power. Solution: Perform the following procedure using the camera's service support software (YTU94057-48). 1. Set the power switch to "AUTO". *Although the power is turned off, communication with the service support software is still possible. *If the EEPROM data is read using the EEPROM utility, there is no problem even if all the data displayed is "00h". 2. Using the EEPROM utility, change the data at EEPROM address 1D3h to "A5h". 3. Reset the power switch to "AUTO". The unit's power should turn on. 4. Perform the 81MHz VCO center frequency deck adjustment.

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