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See Below SB-03020303-V 1/2 _______________________________________ Number: ______________ February 2003 ______________

Emergency Code E04 is Displayed Subject: _______________________________________ Date:
Model No. Manual No. GR-DVM70U 86487 GR-DVM90U 86565 Series Type M12D6S M14D6S

Symptom: Emergency code "E04" is displayed. Cause: FPC of Drum Assembly is not properly connected (loosely connected or not straight connected) to CN4003 (M12D6S series) / CN202 (M14D6S series) on MDA board. Solution: 1. Peel the Reinforcement sheet (white area) off the Drum FPC from the edge of the drum side as pictured below.

This bulletin is issued as an aid for service personnel maintaining this product. Reproduction or redistribution of the contents of this bulletin without the written permission of JVC is prohibited. Copyright 2003 JVC Americas Corp. All Rights Reserved.

SB-03020303-V 2/2
2. Cut a 1.5 to 2.0 mm strip from the Reinforcement sheet's drum side edge as shown below.

1.5 - 2.0 mm

3. Connect the Drum FPC to the connector on the MDA board. It must be inserted in straight and must not be loose.

4. Stick a stick sheet on the connector and the FPC. This is to prevent a loose connection. Stick Sheet Part No. YTU96034

4. The Drum FPC must be folded in between the Mechanism and MDA as shown below. Note: The stick sheet is not pictured here. When inserting the Drum FPC, be sure to use the stick sheet as shown in step 4 to prevent a loose connection.