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Parts Information
JVC Service and Engineering Company of America
Engineering Department

A Division of JVC Americas Corp.

10 New Maple Avenue Pine Brook, NJ 07058


See Below _______________________________________

PB-01101-V Number: _____________ Date: August 2001 _____________

Optical LPF Changed Subject: _______________________________________
Model No. GR-DVM90U GR-DVM80U Manual No. 86565 86573

From Serial No. 096xxxxx 136xxxxx

Page 5-5

Ref. No. 251 251F

Final Assembly Optical Block Section Previous Part No. New Part No. LYH20156-001A J7C-101B LY42110-001A LY42975-001A

Part Name Optical Block Optical LPF

Note: Please change the EEPROM (Main Board Assembly side) data is shown below. Address 56h Data 33h 20h Address 58h Data 33h 20h

This bulletin is issued as an aid for service personnel maintaining this product. Reproduction or redistribution of the contents of this bulletin without the written permission of JVC is prohibited. Copyright 2001 JVC Americas Corp. All Rights Reserved. YA-MCI-10475