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Technical Tip
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GR-DVM80U, GR-DVM90U TT-02080801-V _______________________________________ Number: ______________ August 2002 ______________

Default Data for Drum Assembly Parts Subject: _______________________________________ Date:

After replacing the drum assembly, the correct default data (depends on the color/make of the drum) needs to be written in the EEPROM. This will require the adjustment of the camera and optical sections. Instead of rewriting the entire default data, edit the following EEPROM addresses for the recording current characteristics according to the color of the drum stator installed:

Address Beige/NEC Black/Alps 1D0h 60h D0h 1DCh 60h D0h 1DDh 60h D0h

This bulletin is issued as an aid for service personnel maintaining this product. Reproduction or redistribution of the contents of this bulletin without the written permission of JVC is prohibited. Copyright 2002 JVC Americas Corp. All Rights Reserved.