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10 107B2 CM24 GSIII DDC Instructions
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1. General 3. Pin assignment
DDC Data Re-programming
A. 15-pin D-Sub Connector
In case the main EEPROM with Software DDC which store all factory
settings were replaced because a defect,repaired monitor the serial
numbers have to be re-programmed.

It is advised to re-soldered the main EEPROM with Software DDC from
the old board onto the new board if circuit board have been replaced, in
this case the DDC data does not need to be re-programmed. The 15-pin D-sub connector (male) of the signal cable
on the 3rd row for DDC feature :
Additional information

Additional information about DDC (Display Data Channel) may be
obtained from Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).
Extended Display Identification Data(EDID) information may be also
obtained from VESA.
1 5
DDC EDID structure 6 10
For the monitor : Standard Version 3.0 11 15
Structure Version 1.2

2. System and equipment requirements
1. An i486 (or above) personal computer or compatible.
2. Microsoft operation system Windows 95/98. Pin No. Assignment
3. EDID301.EXE program (3138 106 10103) shown as Fig. 1 1 Red video input
4. Software DDC Alignment kits (4822 310 11184) shown as Fig. 2.
The kit contents: a. Alignment box x1 2 Green video input
b. Printer cable x1 3 Blue video input
c. D-Sub cable x1
4 Identical output - connected to pin 10
Note: The EDID301.EXE (Release Version 1.58, 20000818)is a 5 Salf test
windows-based program, which cannot be run in MS-DOS. 6 Red video ground
7 Green video ground
8 Blue video ground
9 No pin
10 Logic ground
11 Identical output - connected to pin 10
12 Serial data line (SDA)
13 H. Sync / H + V
Ver:1.58 14 V. Sync (VCLK for DDC)
15 Data clock line (SCL)
Figure 1 Diskette with EDID301.EXE

DC 8V~12V Power indicator

To Monitor To Printer

Video Card

Fig. 2 Alignment Kits

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DDC Instructions (Continued) 107B2 CM24 GSIII 11
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4. Configuration and procedure 3. At the submenu, type the letter of your computer's floppy disk drive
followed by :EDID301 (for example, A:\EDID301, as shown in Fig. 5).
There is no Hardware DDC (DDC IC) anymore. Main EEPROM stores
all factory settings and DDC data (EDID code) which is so called
Software DDC. The following section describes the connection and
procedure for Software DDC application. The main EEPROM can be re- Fig. 5
probrammed by enabling "factory memory data write" function on the
DDC program (EDID301.EXE).


In order to avoid that monitor entering power saving mode due to 4. Click OK button. The main menu appears (as shown in Fig. 6).
sync will cut off by alignment box, it is necessary to initialize This is for initialize alignment box.
alignment box before re-programming DDC Data. Following steps
show you the procedures and connection.
Fig. 6
Step 1: Supply 8~12V DC power source to the Alignment box by
plugging a DC power cord or using batteries.
Step 2: Connecting printer cable and video cable of monitor as
shown in Fig.3.


Fig. 3
Note 1: If the connection is improper, you will see the following error
message (as shown in Fig. 7) before entering the main menu.
Meanwhile, the (read EDID) function will be disable. At this time,
To printer port (LTP1)

please make sure all cables are connected correctly and fixedly,
Rear view of the monitor and the procedure has been performed properly.
DC Power
To video card

8~12 V
Fig. 7

Video cable
Method 2: After create a shortcut of EDID301.EXE
: Double click EDID301 icon (as shown in Fig. 8) which is
on the screen of Windows Wallpaper.
Bring up main menu of EDID301 as shown in Fig. 9.
Step 3: Installation of EDID301.EXE This is for initialize alignment box.
Method 1: Start on DDC program
Start Microsoft Windows.
1. Insert the disk containing EDID30.EXE program into floppy disk drive.
2. Click , choose Run at start menu of Windows 95/98 as
shown in Fig. 4.

Fig. 8
Fig. 9
Note 2: During the loading, EDID301 will verify the EDID data which just
Fig. 4 loaded from monitor before proceed any further function, once
the data structure of EDID can not be recognized, the following
error message will appear on the screen as below. Please
confirm following steps to avoid this message.
1. The data structure of EDID was incorrect.
2. DDC IC that you are trying to load data is empty.
3. Wrong communication channel has set at configuration setup
4. Cables loosed or poor contact of connection.

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12 107B2 CM24 GSIII DDC Instructions (Continued)
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Re-programming EEPROM (Software DDC) 4. Click icon (Read EDID function) to read DDC EDID data from
Step 1: After initialize alignment box, connecting all cables and monitor. The EDID codes will display on screen as shown in Fig. 13.
box as shown in Fig. 10

Rear view of the monitor Fig. 13
Fig. 10
To printer port (LTP1)

DC Power
To video card

8~12 V Step 3: Modify DDC data (verify EDID version, week, year)
1. Click (new function) icon from the tool bar, bring up
Video cable Step 1 of 9 as shown in Fig. 14 .
To EDID301 DDC application provides the function selection and
text change (select & fill out) from Step 1 to Step 9.


Step 2: Read DDC data from monitor

1-1 Click the left key of Mouse, or hit any key on the keyboard,
then the characters disappear from the screen.
Fig. 14
1-2 Click icon as shown if Fig. 11 from the tool bar to bring up
the "Configuration Setup" windows as shown in Fig. 12.

Fig. 11

Step 4: Modify DDC data (Monitor Serial No.)

1. Click Next till the Step 7 of 9 window appears as shown in Fig. 15.
2. Fill out the new Serial No. (for example, TY 500053).
3. Click Next till the last step window appears, then click Finish to exit
the Step window.

2. Select the DDC2B as the communication channel.
Select "Enable" & fill out "F0" for Mapped EDID page address
as shown in Fig. 12.

a space
two space Fig. 15
Fig. 12

Definition of Serial Number


Serial Number (U.S.A: 8 digit)
(Others regions: 6 digit)

TY Code

3. Click OK button to confirm your selection. CX----Dong Guan

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DDC Instructions (Continued) 107B2 CM24 GSIII 13
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Step 5: **Configuration Setup & Enter Factory Mode **

1. Click icon from the tool bar to bring up the Configuration Setup
windows again. Then, select "Software DDC only" as shown in Fig.
16. Click "OK". Fig. 19

Fig. 16 2. Click Save.

Step 9: Load DDC data

1. Click from the tool bar.
2. Select the file you want to open as shown in Fig. 20.
3. Click Open.
4. Access "Factory Mode" and enable "Software DDC only" as shown
in Fig. 16.
Access factory mode: 5. Write EDID.
- Turn off monitor (don't turn off PC)
- Press " " and " " simultaneously on the front
control panel, then press " ",wait till the OSD menu
Fig. 20
with characters " factory mode (below OSD menu)" come
on the screen of monitor.


Fig. 17
Step 10: Exit DDC program
Pull down the File menu and select Exit as shown in Fig. 21.
(EDID Tool 3.01)
Indicator GS3 107B2 V1.41 20000630
Fig. 21

Step 6: Write DDC data
1. Click (Write EDID) icon from the tool bar to write DDC data.
Bring up "Writing 0%~100%, ready" a progressing bar on the left
down corner.
2. Click (Read EDID) to confirm it.
Note1 : In User Mode: Read DDC data only
Step 7: Confirm Serial Number in User Mode Before read EDID code, please confirm that the Software
1. Press the button to turn off the monitor. Press the button DDC only is disabled as shown in Fig. 22.
again to turn on the monitor.
2. Press the button to bring up the OSD Main Menu.
3. Press the button to select Extra Control, press the button
to confirm your selection.
4. Confirm the Serial Number is updated as shown in Fig. 18. Fig. 22

Fig. 18

TY 123456 Note 2 : In Factory Mode: Read/Write DDC data
Before Read/Write EDID code, please confirm that the
Software DDC only is enabled as shown in Fig. 23.
Step 8: Save DDC data
Sometimes, you may need to save DDC data as a text file for using
in other IC chip. To save DDC data, follow the steps below:

1. Click (Save) icon (or click "file"-> "save as") from the tool bar Fig. 23
and give a file name as shown in Fig. 19.
The file type is EDID301 file (*.ddc) which can be open in WordPad.
By using WordPad, the texts of DDC data & table (128 bytes, hex
code) can be modified. If DDC TEXTS & HEX Table are completely
correct, it can be saved as .ddc flie to re-load it into EEPROM for
DDC Data application.

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