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Operating Conditions a normal picture. Security Codes
Unless otherwise noted, the following conditions must be 7. Allow the set to warm up for at least 3 minutes. When the Service Mode is first entered, the parameter (P)
8. Set brightness, contrast and volume to minimum. 5. To exit the service menu, press POWER on the re-
observed when aligning the TV: will come up set at 0, which corresponds to the security
9. The UB voltage should be 118.0V+/-1.5V. If not go mote control or front panel.
1. Chassis must be operated from a 120 VAC isolation trans- code function.
former, with line voltage set to 120 VAC. back to step1 and re-align the power supply.
TV Service Mode 1. Turn on the TV and select the channel that will be used
2. All voltages and waveforms referenced are with respect
for the alignment procedure and access the service mode
to Ground The service mode is provided to facilitate instrument align- menu.
3. Set Picture Quality controls at nominal (Brightness Satu- ment and service adjustments. The service mode is accessed 2. With the parameter (P) set to 0 adjust the value (V)
ration at 50% and Contrast at 70%) by using the remote by pressing a three-button combination on the front control (using VOL + or VOL -) to 76 for access to the Front
control and pressing Menu and select: panel of the instrument. Panel Service Mode. P0 0 V 76