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Subject Modification of Ball Bearing DDW

For Models HR4000C

Country All countries
Description As illustrated below, material of Ball Retainer in Ball Bearing DDW (item No.100 of Parts List)
has been changed from sheet steel to nylon for further improvement in durability.
As the current bearing and the new cannot be distinguished by appearances,
a new part No. has been given to the new bearing.

Ball Bearing DDW Ball Bearing DDW
(item No.100)
Outer Race
Oil Seal 12
(item No.99) Ball
Baffle Plate Inner Race
(item No.98)
Ball Retainer

Armature Ass'y

Current New
Part No. 211088-7 210059-1
Material of Nylon
Sheet steel
Ball Retainer


Item No. Current part Q'ty I/C New part Q'ty Note
Ball Bearing 6000DDW Ball Bearing 6000DDW
100 1 1
211088-7 210059-1

Interchangeability mark ; means that the new part is substituted for the current.

From serial No.91322E (Apr.,1999)