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Subject Change of Base (From Steel to Aluminum)

For Models 4324
Note: This technical information applies to the products manufactured at MCC plant.
Country European countries, Middle Eastern countries, Bhutan, South Africa
Description Base of steel has been replaced by Base of aluminum, Plate of steel and Countersunk head screws.
Due to the change of this specification, optional Kerf board has been also changed, and optional
Cover plate has become available for protection of material.

Current New

Base (of steel) Base (of aluminum
(163397-9) (317796-9)

Kerf Board Set (Optional accessory: 5pcs/set)
(192733-2) Anti-Splintering device
(Optional accessory: 5pcs/set)
Base plate (of steel)
Countersunk head screw
M4X8 (912107-9)

Base (of aluminum)

Cover plate
(Optional accessory)

Item No. Current part Q'ty I/C New part Q'ty Note
Base Base
044 1 No 1
163397-9 317796-9
Base Plate
E08 1 Interchangeable
345441-6 as a set
Countersunk Head
E09 Screw M4x8 4
Kerf Board Set Anti-Splitering Device
F06 1 No 1
192733-2 192557-6
Cover Plate
F07 1

Already implemented since May, 2004 production