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Models No. 1923B
New Tool

Description MAKITA Electric Planer

This equipment is newly developed as the sister version of
1900B, wherein not only the features of 1900B, that is, the small
model/light weight and easy-to-handle by one hand are also
included, but also the shiplapping can be done up to 23 mm
compared with only 9 mm performed by 1900B.

Electrical motor AC Universal motor
Voltage Single phase100V
Current 6A
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Continuous rating input 600W
Rotation (R.P.M.) 14000/min.
Max. cutting width 82 mm
Max. cutting depth 1 mm
Shiplapping depth 23 mm
Net weight 2.9 kg
Overall length 293 mm
Power supply cord 2.5 m

Standard equipment
Parts names Quantity
Sharpening holder 1
Blade gauge 1
Guide plate 1
Box wrench 2
Hex. Flange head bolt 1
Square wheel stone 150-1200 1
Screw driver 1
Carbon brush 1

Optional accessories
T.C.T. Planer blade --- Used for cutting decora and hard wood.
Planer stand --- Used as the Hand feed planer.
Special chip cover --- Can prevent the cutting chips from being spread, thus clean work environment achieved.
(The 1900B cover can be mounted as the special chip cover.)

The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country.
1. Small model and light weight
The small model and light weight allows the operator to handle by one hand easily.
2. Wide range of application
Chamfering or shiplapping can be performed by using just this equipment.
3. Shiplapping up to 23 mm
The size of this equipment is almost same as 1900B(293 mm for this compared with 288 mm for
1900B in overall length.), but it can perform shiplapping up to 23 mm compared with 9 mm by 1900B.
4. Blade height can be easily adjusted.
The blade height can be easily/correctly adjusted through the gauge-type blade height adjustment

Comparison of load current between 1900B and 1923B in normal cutting
Cutting 1923B 1900B
1mm 100V 7.5A 100V7A
3mm 100V 8.5A 100V7A

The same type motor is used for both models, but since the edge diameter of planer blade is enlarged by 11 %
for 1923B than for 1900B, namely 1923B is 52 mm compared with 46.6 mm of 1900B, the load current with
larger by about 0.5A is applied onto the 1923B than onto the 1900B.

(1) Disassembling of drum
To disassemble the drum from the equipment, take away
the drum from the bracket side while the drum holder is still
mounted on the body. So long as the drum is not
disassembled, the drum holder cannot be disassembled from
the body.
(2) Assembling the drum holder
Install the drum holder on the body as shown on the right
figure. In this case place the two flat washers between bearing
and drum holder while the washer of the outer diameter 14