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3 Alignments and Adjustments

3 Alignments and Adjustments

3-1 Service Instruction
1. Usually, a color TV-VCR needs only slight touch-up adjustment upon installation.
Check the basic characteristics such as height, horizontal and vertical sync.
2. Use the specified test equipment or its equivalent.
3. Correct impedance matching is essential.
4. Avoid overload. Excessive signal from a sweep generator might overload the front-end
of the TV. When inserting signal markers, do not allow the marker generator to distort
test result.
5. Connect the TV only to an AC power source with voltage and frequency as specified on
the backcover nameplate.
6. Do not attempt to connect or disconnect any wire while the TV is turned on. Make sure
that the power cord is disconnected before replacing any parts.
7. To protect aganist shock hazard, use an isolation transform.

3 Alignments and Adjustments

3-2 How to Access Service Mode
3-2-1 Entering Factory Mode
" "

- If you have Factory remote - control

- The buttons are active in the service mode.
1. Remote - Control Key : Power, Arrow Up, Arrow Down, Arrow Left
Arrow Right, Menu, Enter, Number Key(0~9)
2. Function - Control Key : Power, CH +, CH -, VOL +, VOL -,
Menu, TV/VIDEO(Enter)

3 Alignments and Adjustments

3-3 Factory Data
1. Calibration
2. Option Table XXXX XXXX
3. White Balance
5. Option Block
6. STV8257/STA323W
7. YC Delay
8. Adjust
9. I2C Check
11. Checksum
12. Reset
13. Spread Spectrum
T-MSLMPEU-2000 (Main Micom Ver.)
T-MSLMPEUS-1000 (Sub Micom Ver.)
T-MSLMPEUW-1000 (MMS Micom Ver.)
Month / Day / Year / Hour / Min / Sec

1. Calibration
1) AV Calibration
2) Comp Calibration
3) PC Calibration
4) HDMI Calibration

2. Option Table XXXX XXXX

Inch Option 40" Carrier Mute OFF TTX Group Auto
Gamma AMLCD Language English Auto Power ON
Panel Option LED_120 Auto FM ON Magazine LNA OFF
2HDMI ON High Deviaion OFF VCOL.MODE Large
---- OFF TTX ON Shop Mode OFF
Hot Plug ON TTX List Flof Debug OFF