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Models No. 1911B
New Tool

Description MAKITA 110 mm Planer
The small and light weighing model having the double
insulation structure with the planer knife width 110 mm or the
middle type between the existing planer knife width 82 mm
and 136 mm, should be developed.

Voltage(V) Current(A) Frequency(Hz) Consumed power(W)
Single-phase 100 9 50-60 840

No load speed (/min.) 16000
Max. cutting width 110
Max. cuttingdepth 2
355mm in overall length x 175mm in width x 175mm in
Overall dimension height
Weight(kg) 4.2
Cord length(m) 5

Standard equipment
Knife stone holder ------------------------- One piece ----- For grinding the planer knife
Ruler for adjusting the knife height ----- One piece ----- For adjusting planer knife
Box wrench --------------------------------- One piece ----- For assembling/disassembling the planer knife

Optional accessories
Ruler-------------------------- For adjusting cutting
Carbide planer knife-------- For cutting the hard wood

Features and benefits
(1) knife height can be easily and precisely adjusted only if the planer body is fixed with the stopper pin and then
pressed by the knife height adjusting ruler.
(2) The 106 mm square material can be cut by the knife with 110 mm width at once.
(3) The double insulation structure gives no concern for an electrical shock.
(4) The compact and light weighing model can be easily handle by one hand.

The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ from country to country.
Test methods :
Cut the hemlock with 105 mm in width and 1 m in length at the cutting depth of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0
under the voltage of 100, 90 and 80.

Load current in the normal cutting
Cutting depth(mm)
100V 90V 80V
1.0 (97V) 9A 11sec./m (88V) 9.2A 12sec./m (77V) 8.2A 17sec./m
1.5 10.2 15 10 16 9.6 20
2.0 11 21 10.8 24 10.5 27
(Note) The values in ( ) show the voltage under loading.

Same as the conventional planer.