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Service Bulletin
No. : OST-833
Date: May 23, 2007

Model: DVD-3910

Subject: Countermeasure for the malfunctions that the color spreads a little,
etc. (Chroma-delay)

Symptom: 1) The color spreads upon Component, PAL and HDMI Outputs.
2) When the H Position was switched from +6 to +7, the synchronization deviates
and the picture disappears momentarily.
3) In the Component Output of the Progressive, a white belt appears under the
screen when it was switched to the squeeze mode.

Solution: The Software has been corrected.
MODIFICATION: (Upon claim, and when it was brought in to your service
bench.) Record the file on a blank CD-R disc and upgrade the Back-end ROM on
the customer's unit when the set arrives for service, and/or upon claim.

Note: When recording the program File onto the CD-R, the format shall be
"ISO9660" and the session shall be "CLOSE".

Preparation: 1) Please record the following program file for the Back-end ROM
update onto a blank CD-R Disc.
(1) Program File for the Back-end ROM: Ver.6609-5 Name of the Program File:
2) Connect the Image Output Terminal (VIDEO OUT or S-VIDEO OUT) of this
unit to a TV.

The information contained in this document is intended for the exclusive use by DENON Authorized Service Centers and their
employees. This document may contain information that is privileged, confidential and may be protected from disclosure under
applicable laws and terms of the DENON Service Agreement. Any distribution, disclosure, dissemination or copying of this
document and the information it contains is prohibited. No responsibility will be accepted by DENON for any damage, injury or loss
resulting from the misuse of the information contained in this document.
Updating the Back-end ROM:
1) Turn on the Power of the unit. Press the "OPEN/CLOSE" button of the unit
and open the Disc Tray.
2) Set the CD-R (GEN6609-5) for rewriting the Back-end ROM to the Disc Tray
and press the "OPEN/CLOSE" button.
(a.) The Disc Tray closes and the upgrading of the software is performed
(b.) Display on the unit indicates "LOADING".
(c.) Indications "ERASE" and "WRITE" are indicated on the TV Screen
repeatedly, and "DONE" is indicated later.
(d.) The Disc Tray opens automatically.

3) After opening the Disc Tray, take out the CD-R (GEN6609-5) for rewriting the
Back-end ROM from the Disc Tray.

Note: Please do not turn off the Power of the unit during the rewriting operation
by means of the CD-R. If the Power was turned off during the rewriting
operation, you will have to replace the Flash IC.