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Service Bulletin Ref. No.2J0-0026 (B297)
September 14, 2011
Subject Measures against the Abnormal Image
FS-2020D, FS-3900DN, FS-3920DN, FS-4000DN, FS-4020DN,
Model FS-3040MFP, FS-3140MFP, FS-3040MFP+, FS-3140MFP+,
FS-3540MFP, FS-3640MFP
Zigzags might appear in the sub-scanning direction (vertical direction) as shown in the sample image below due to
the contact failure between the heat roller bearing and the ground plate of the fuser unit. Therefore, the following
changes were made in order to improve the contact.

Abnormal image sample

Content of Changes
Ground plate (PLATE EARTH FUSER) (No.15)
- Change of the material (Hardened): SUS 304CSP1/2H SUS 304CSPH
- Change of the shape

Check the gap between the bearing and
ground plate (to be contacted)


Ground plate (No.15)
Old New 45