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Service Schematics


This document is intended for use by authorized NOKIA service centers only.
Table of Contents
Front page 1
"Service Schematics" was created with focus on customer care. System & USB connector 2
The purpose of this document is to provide further technical repair information for Betty, AVilma, audio, SIM & battery 3
NOKIA mobile phones on Level 3/4 service activities. Bluetooth and FM radio 4
It contains additional information such as e.g. "Component finder". RAPS, MicroSD, Camera, UI 5
UI (keyboard) 6
RF part 7
Component finder 8
Saving process time and improving the repair quality is the aim of this document.
It is to be used additionally to the service manual and other training
or service information such as Service Bulletins.

While every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document, some